Monday, April 07, 2008

The Not-So-Superseal Race Report

"The key to success is to double your failure rate" - Thomas J. Watson (IBM Founder)

The innaugural superseal triathlon was a lesson in poor execution, mainly on my part, with a little assistance from Koz enterprises.

This race report will be more of a "notes" style race report-

Pre-Pre-Race: The 2 days leading up to the race weren't optimal in the rest, sleep, diet, hydration and general "at ease" senses for a number of different reasons.

Pre-Race: The morning of, I felt a little tired, but the mere dawn of any race morning usually excites me enough where any fatigue magically subsides :)

Swim: General confusion at swim start with buoy routes, swim wave started without me (I was asking surf volunteers which way to go), I felt my wave started a little earlier than expected, was behind the lead pack, but ahead of the mid/back pack, so in no man's land the entire swim, small waves from wind and jet skis made me ingest more salt water than I normally do, didn't get comfortable until about 2/3 the way through the swim unfortunately, but I was happy with how it went considering the low volume of swimming I have done.

T1: Ran too hard on beach, needed to cut it back in and jogged to T1, T1 was fine

Bike: Gnarly headwind going south, Great tailwind coming back north, very narrow turn arounds, salt water ingested during swim made me thirsty, drank a little too much on the bike (but I am not too sure what to say about this pic tho!)

T2: I ran in the bike out - no one directed me until after I got into transition, bike in was on other side of the tent; this killed my mental state, but I shouldn't have let it.

Run: Ingested too much liquid, calories or both, made for a debilitating side stitch causing me to stop running and either walk or completely stop about 5 times. This is what really killed me - poor nutrition execution made for a miserable run, which I really wanted to do well on. When I was at pace, I felt like I could maintain this pace for the entire 10k, but my gut wasn't letting me. Very discouraging.

Final Time (unofficial, without splits): 2:30:21

Post-Race: To summarize my day afterwards: wine, beer, peanut butter and ice cream - lots of all, and a DIESEL nap :)

Monday: Lats/Tris sore, legs a little sore, will be ready to get back on the horse on Wednesday. Yoga scheduled for Tuesday at noon in hot room - should get out all the kinks.

I will admit, I was really fired up about my poor execution, and koz's "growing pains" for this race since I expected a little (actually, a lot) more. Now that the dust has settled, this race really did what it was supposed to, and I can look back and really focus on the positives from the negatives. When I registered, I wanted this race to:

* Get me back in race mode (mentally, physically)
* Work out any kinks (NUTRITION)
* Are aero helmets comfy? (Yes)

And it did just that. I made a lot of mistakes, which I definitely learned from, and my focus is now shifting to execution at wildflower. WF is not a "race" per se for me, but more of a see where I'm at, pace correctly, and stick with the plan to ensure the race is fun, and not miserable (relatively speaking of course).

Great race for James, Paul Jesse, Paul Todd, Mike Plumb, Marty Taylor and Dave Wilcox . A big thanks to Jess, Veva, Victoria and Jay to come out and cheer!

Jay is also the man because he took some sweet pics, and a funny video of me coming out of the swim - Check out his site at:

Another bike shot-

Post race grub (chili)-

Swim exit (yes, that's me - "d-balls")


beth said...

i'm sure this experience will payoff at wildflower. the race sounds pretty disorganized- way to make the best of it! hey- at least you LOOK like you're having fun!

jameson said...

the race was a good time for sure... even with the lack of organization.

jay said...

D-Balls! Great race man! Way to tough it out on the run. Looked great on the bike!

Nikee Pomper said...

D-to-the-Rock! Beth is the right, this experience is a building block to the success of other events. You post event meal sounds GREAT!

Paul said...

Good job buddy! That is a tough way to start the swim. I have to admit I really wasn't clear on the swim course either. Every time they announced the course it changed a little! Thankfully I had ppl to follow. Sweet bike pics!

JMoTriBella said...

Hey! A little disappointed on having to wait 2 WHOLE DAYS for the race report! jk. Sorry, the race didn't go as you wanted it to, but like you said about my Cal 70.3, race, not every race can be a great race....which makes you appreciate more the onese that are....and hopefully you learn from the ones that are not. I still think you kicked some butt out there. Congrats!

Paul said...

Hey Ryan,

I use the stick, quad baller and tp massage ball. I like the tp ball the best.

good luck!