Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hardest, Windiest, Best Grind/Ride EVER

Saturday Long Ride: Pine Valley Via Great Western Loop

Start Time: 10am
Conditions: Winds up to 40mph coming out the east (enough to push Damian and Dave Huff of their bikes, even Damian at low speed [10 mph]))
Temps: 80-95
Elevation Gain: 7000ft
Time: 4 hours and 15 minutes
Distance: 63 miles
Warriors: Me, Pat Drain, Damian Esparza, Erin Rist

The Good: 5400 ft in elevation gain (!!!), coupled with never-felt-before headwinds, took us a whopping 2 hours and 45 minutes to travel the first 30 miles. Yes, thats an avg speed of 10.9mph. Total Grind. The 33 miles from pine valley back to jamul: 90 minutes. DAMN!!!

We finished the ride, and I easily could have ridden another 10, maybe 15 miles, and still go for a T-Run. I felt great, and was bouncing around (Pat likened me to a little girl). But since Damian's bike literally shit the bed, I went back and picked him up from the side of the road (see below)

The Bad:

Damian's front derailleur shifter after being knocked over from the wind (5 miles into the ride), but its not like we ever got out of the small chain ring in the front anyways

Damians Rear Derailleur after it shit the bed for no reason (at mile 50), and yes, that is his derailleur folded over, and detached from the hanger

What happened to Damian's big chain ring when his Rear D shit the bed

The Ugly:

Damian's Knee post crash

Damian using a "Public restroom"

My cadence (big number) and speed (little number) on a flat. Windy Brah.

Other Pics

You know you are way out east when the signs on the 8 are for San Diego or El Centro

East County Beauty

Damian and Pat amused by my boy, Blackjack, the mule, in Jamul

Rollers in east county

Video of what the wind was like

Man, there is just something about long grueling workouts that just puts me a GREAT mood!

Ah... the life of a triathlete!

Post ride grub:

Organic Pork chop, sauteed in my #1 favorite spice (You are missing out on life if you have never had this), sliced and diced red and green peppers, with pasta, doused with some EV double O, and a Guinness to wash it all down.

Great day.


Patrick said...

Excellent post, Denner. Glad you had the camera out there today! Definitely summed it all up.

Paul said...

Sweet ride. I love those roads. There was some serious wind today!! bummer about your buddy's bike.

Jay said...

Lol, I'll get back out there one day. We've got unfinished business. Those pics are crazy I can't believe Damian's chainring bent like that!

gunnbr said...

You know--last night I meant to ask Erin what she's doing for Wildflower training, but I forgot. Now I see you guys are having your secret training sessions. I see how it is.


beth said...

f the wind! i would have gone 1 mile then turned around....nice fooooooood too!

Nikee Pomper said...

Great pictures. And again, great post meal. Nothing better than a cold Guinness after a hard ride.

Thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog.

Now that IMAZ is done, I'd love to meet up and ride. I need to work on my climbing skills.

jameson said...

I think you deserve more than one beer after that ride... and Damian might have earned a 12 pack!