Monday, April 21, 2008

Colorado @ Elevation

Some highlights from the trip...

Week during the conference: Ran and/or swim everyday

Thursday: Probably had the best swim of my life.

I found probably the nicest pool I have ever swam in, and had one of the, if not the, best swim ever, all at 5500 ft. I literally just jumped in, and started swimming. I don't know how far I swam, but I can tell you I did 5 sets: 10 min, 12 min, 14 min, 12 min, 10 min. Based on my estimates, they were all done at below base pace. On top of that, it really didn't feel like work. It just felt great. Was it having a lane to myself? Maybe. Was it not following a prescribed workout? Possibly (I have a problem (?) with that whole "shoot from the hip" mentality). Was it the entire west facing side of the building looking at the Colorado rockies providing motivation? You could say that.

and for a closer look through the windows...

Friday: Run turned Hike @ Chautauqua

Thursday, I headed over to this park to scope out the trails for a run on Friday. The gentlemen I spoke with, (People call me "Jake") was a 'weathered' individual. He was a fairly 'seasoned' dude, had long silver hair, a long santa clause type beard, a mustache that curled like rollie fingers, and looked like he could tell stories for the rest of his days. I told him that I was in town for a conference which was now done, and I wanted to do some running. His first suggestion was to do a 1.3 mile loop. I said "Man, I am looking for like 6-8 miles". He looked at me and said "Boy, where do you live?" After answering him, he stated "People train here in Boulder to run in San Diego, now I can send you up Green Mountain at 8100 ft for a good 9 mile round trip, or you can take this here 6 mile jaunt." We exchanged some laughs, and I was on my way.

I will let you decide if he was having a little too much fun with me on my "How NOT to run in the Colorado Rockies" media diary (Pardon me if this is a little too much like Man vs Wild):

The Route...

Serious elevation gain in just .2 miles!


Stats from the "workout":

Distance: 4 miles
Elevation Gain: 1650 ft!!!!!
Pace: 15 min/mile(damn!)
Max Grade: 49%!!!!

That was Friday, it is now Tuesday and my quads are still a little sore!


Nikee Pomper said...

Nice description of the “weathered” guy… Training at high elevation will kick your ass. I lived in Vail for a year. Snowboarding was great, but running more than 3 miles was a kick in the pants.

Welcome back to sea level

Alana said...

LOL those videos are hilarious! "find some humane trails to run on"...sheeeeit! nice use of video to tell a story =)