Monday, March 03, 2008

Up Down and Out

Saturday, I did the Iron Mountain brick workout with the lavaman team. When I first did this workout 3 years ago, I didn't stop talking about it - for about a year. I even have some history with this workout (first ever bonk, rolling my ankle 4 times, watching Gurujan hide under a rock from the 95 degree heat - amongst others). Since then, I have rarely passed up an opportunity to do this workout, so saturday was going to be no other.

The morning was nice. It was foggy and cloudy, making for great temperatures. For the first time ever, there were streams flowing everywhere on the mountain (Frogs were easily heard from just about anywhere), rather than the arid, dry conditions I am normally accustomed to. Pat and I did a quick 2 mile warm up (I guess making this the Iron Mountain Duathlon), easily worth 500(+?) ft of ascent. Then it was onto the bike, and of course, the run afterwards. In total, this sub 3-hour workout boasts nearly 4000ft in elevation gain. I planned on treating it as a long tempo workout, and seeing as though I have rarely raised my HR above 160 since Vineman (?) from all the base work I have been doing, I was definitely feeling it on the run. HR was well into the 170's, and there was a few times where I was walking more than I care to admit. Pat was kicking my ass going up the mountain, and I was cold. We got to the top, took a breather, headed back down, and I was struggling. Struggling somehow while going down the mountain. Pat dropped the hammer 1.5 miles out, and I got back to the cars about 5 minutes after he did.

I was done. Absolutely cooked. I was starting to get cold. I even moaned a little bit. I put my head on a railing to recover. I was then greeted with taunts of "denner, you wuss", "Sack up", laughter and the like. I had nothing for a response. People asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch with them, and the only thing I could respond with was "I'm sorry, but I can't be social right now", and I quickly took off after that. The ride home was a blur, and once I got home and got in the shower, I realized everything hurt. Not in that post-Iron Mountain hurt, but "Oh shit, I'm getting sick - probably really sick" kind of hurt. Everything ached. Things got worse throughout the day on saturday, and saturday night was spent tossing and turning.

Sunday morning was rough. I had to call my friend Dana and have her bring me to urgent care in La Jolla (I couldn't drive). Most of my time waiting for a doctor to see me was spent laying on the ground because I simply couldn't muster sitting up. Even when I could, I was hunched over with my head in my hands. The doctor's don't know what I have, but have a strong feeling that it's a viral infection, so I am on something called tamiflu for the next few days.

The good news is that I am feeling significantly better today, and hopefully will be able to get back on the horse later this week. Of course I had to call Damian (he who was drilling me after I finished) to let him know that I'm not a wuss - but one bad ass mofo for actually doing Iron Mountain Brick with a viral infection ... Biatch!!!

Train safe!


Paul said...

Suckage!! I hate that feeling when your system just shuts down and you know you're boned. Get better soon! And hit that Iron Mountain again.

JMoTriBella said...

Hope you feel better soon! You missed a great ride on Sunday (although after Iron Mountain, my legs were TOAST heading up to Lake Wohlford). I cursed you several times for deciding on that route. Hope to see you back on the horse soon!

Patrick said...

Well Denner, we're just going to have to do Iron Mountain again soon, because it's just not the same to say I crushed you on the mountain when in fact you had a viral infection. It takes the whole victorious feeling and turns it into me feeling like a jerk.

Seriously though, I hope you get better. And when you do, you need to show Damien what's up.