Wednesday, March 19, 2008

(Late) Weekend Recap

Fellow IMLP compatriot Dan Altobello made his way down from Smell-A for a weekend of training (read: gut check). Dan has been training for the O'side 70.3 in less than 2 weeks, and I wanted to see how his training was coming along. His requests were a 60 mile ride, and an ocean swim.

A little history: Dan was about 100% responsible for getting me into cycling 3.5 years ago. He, already having cycled for a years prior, has also owned me on the bike for the past 3.5 years.

Saturday was a 65 mile ride: basically the elfin forest loop, with a detour down to Mt. Soledad (up the inside of torrey of course en route of course - see pic), and back to Solana. It was a ferociously windy day (maxed out at 24mph coming down torrey), and ended up taking about 4.5 hours to complete. I had the great idea of climbing Mt. Soledad at about mile 53, and yes, it was the via capri side. As anyone can attest to, nearing the top is tough. I looked down, and had a speed of 4.2 mph, a cadence of 37, all out of the saddle, with my eyes about to bug out of my head. But alas, I made the final ascent, and waited at the top. And waited... and waited... and

VICTORY! It was a good time laying it down to Mr. Altobello.

After kind of a late night saturday, I woke up at 530am for the TCSD club race. I laid in bed for a while thinking "why do I want to freeze my ass off for free?" Got up, checked the weather outside, said it was too cold, and went back to bed. So I laid there for a while, and thought "F&ck it!", I got Dan up, and we double timed it down to the race. We made it in plenty of time, and overall - it was a blast. The advertised distances were 2 mi run, 12.5 mile bike and 4 mile run (but I think the distances were a little short). Since it rained Saturday night, it made for some muddy conditions. Here is the TT bike, looking like I just got back from mountain biking:

The highlight was by far (and to no one's surprise), the food afterwards. This was the first TCSD race I had done in a while, and I am obviously an idiot. Oatmeal, chocolate chips, bacon, cranberries, fruit, heck - even protein powder.

As said before, the conditions were muddy, and we all know what riding in wet muddy conditions can do to the back of you. As I was coming out of T2, in an effort to stall Paul Jesse up ahead about 30 ft, I yelled "Hey, Paul, it looks like you dropped a fat load in your pants!!!!!" because of the mud kicked up from his rear tire. Needless to say, all the volunteers got a huge kick out of that!

ps- Dan got smoked in the race!

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