Sunday, March 09, 2008

One of those great weekends...

This sunday late afternoon/early evening marked one of those times where I am just laying around, marveling at the great weekend, and not wanting it to end. As I type this - I am sunburned, it is March, and that just means life is good!

Saturday - San Diego Resolution Run 10k
After a week long bout with the flu and only being @ about 80-85%, I still did the race, and had a great time. I was curious to see what my time would be (a hair under 46 minutes), with being sick, and not having done any speed work since about last June, and I was happy with it. Afterwards, it was The Mission in Mission Beach for some post-race grub. Cash. I got home, crashed by the pool, and woke up sunburned. Sweet!

Sunday - Great Day
Pat and I hammered out a 50 miler Sunday morning. The highlight of the ride was the last hour or so. We were about 2 hours into it, and I was thinking "Man, my taint hurts, how the hell am I gonna be able to handle another 4 hours of this at Placid?" As any cyclist knows, when they hit the 101 and there are other cyclists around, all base building pace gets thrown out the window, and (un?)fortunately, a little bit of ego kicks in. In true fashion, we came up on a group, passed them, they snuck onto our rear wheels, and we proceeded to steam roll through cardiff/solana/del mar. The last hour of the ride or so was a true race effort/intensity, and it was probably the best I felt all ride. Imagine that!

After jumping in the ocean (sans wetsuit of course!) a few times for a quick refresher, Pat and I grabbed some food, and then I kayaked for the lavaman team. Now, when I say I "kayak", that usually means "heckle from the kayak". You might remember the Damian interviews from before. Now it was time to mess with Paul Jesse...

Also want to give Pat big up's this weekend for absolutely owning me in both the 10K, and destroying me up Torrey!


Paul said...

Hey Ryan,

It was great to finally meet you this weekend! Good job at the 10K after coming back from being sick.

Patrick said...

Ryan, you mentioned the "taint" was hurting. Can you describe what the taint is for the rest of us? I think your readers would like to know. Be descriptive, please.

By the way, who's your daddy? Ye-yeah!

lucky said...

You are lucky. I love the 101. I live on the other side of the USA from that road, but I make about 1-2 pilgrimmages a year to SOCAL and always make sure the 101 ride is part of my training there.

Great job recovering for a 10K and keep hammering towards IMLP. See you there.

Jeff H said...

50 Miler, nice work dude!