Monday, March 24, 2008

Camping & Training - does it get any better?


Friday, I jetted out of work early to head up to Vail Lake with the SD Tri Club for some camping and training. I endured ZERO traffic on the 15, got there early, setup shop, and kicked back with a few brew-ha-ha's. Sleeping was a little rough since the night time temps creeped down to about 35, but it was great to fall asleep under the stars.

Saturday - Solid 60 mile ride with Steve Koci, followed by a brutal hilly and hot T-Run. Saturday night was the Triple B - Beers, Barbeque and Bonfire.

Sunday - I thought I was gonna end up doing another long, base building run, but after being absolutely unable to keep my HR down during the first brutal ascent, I said F&%k it, and turned it into a tempo run. This actually ended up being a great confidence builder for WF. After I was warmed up (and it was a little on the warm side), I was feeling really good on all the hills (thats all there was), and really kept a good pace going throughout the 6.5 mile jaunt. Peep the elevation profile!

After that, it down to La Jolla for some people/girls in bikini watching, I mean, kayaking for the lavaman team. Damn, the weather, amongst other things, was beautiful on Sunday.

After that, it was a quick and easy spin/recovery ride on the MTB in Penasquitos Canyon.

After that, I went home, cooked up some grub, got into a semi-food coma sunday night, and that's all she wrote!

Wicked Pissah!


jameson said...

word up... It was a killer weekend! let me know when you want to hit the brig for some tacos and beer... I am down anytime!

Paul said...

Dude that sounds like fun!!! It'll be a while before I can go camping again.