Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Weekend Recap Post


Friday - Ocean swim at the cove. I haven't swam in the ocean in quite a few months, and this welcomed me back to it. Good size waves and ocean currents left me a little uneasy during the swim. Dinner at Jose's with some beers calmed my nerves.

Saturday - (Morning) Kayaked for the Lavaman team doing their final 2 mile swim. Waves did not subside one bit from Friday evening, and was a little unnerving trying to keep track of 60 or so people - some of which who weren't exactly veterans of the pacific.

After putting down some grub, I headed up to O'side to watch fellow IMLP compatriot Dan Altobello finish up his first half ironman. He did a great job, it was great to see him, Dave Wilcox, and Dianna Black finish and look good afterwards. Great job to JP and co-worker Brian Crain. Here is Dan on the run as I was trolling around the race site...

Finally, around 3pm, I started my long bike ride. It was cold, cloudy, and windy. The wind made the 3 hour ride very tough since it seemed like I always had a headwind. Not gonna lie, I wanted to do more, but after 3 hours and kind of a long day, I was happy to cut the ride a little short, and be off that rig. I made a quick stop at chipotle for a barbacoa burrot bol, and feasted on that with a brewski while watching Into the Wild. This was one of the few movies that I think actually lived up to it's hype. I was told by a few people that this movie was "right down my line", and man, what a great freakin story - it def struck a chord with me.

Sunday - Iron Mountain Brick baby! 29 Mile bike, followed by 5.6 miles of running up (with an emphasis on up) and down Iron Mountain. The purpose of the workout was to get in some heat training for wildflower, hence the 12:30pm start time. Seeing as though mother nature didn't bring the necessary hot conditions, I opted to do the workout with leg warmers, arm warmers, and a jacket. I felt great on the bike, but the run is what made the workout. I felt GREAT on the run - my breathing was in rhythm with my cadence, the hills didn't really get to me, I never walked, and just kept a great pace - all with being overdressed. It wasn't the same as 88 degrees in a half iron, but I'll take what I can get!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I have already thinking of my 2009 race season for the past week or so (is there something wrong with that?) So far, it doesn't contain one triathlon. Here is what I am thinking of doing-

1. Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Challenge. "mountain warfare challenge" - It just sounds bad ass, doesn't it? 10K obstacle course in the sierra nevada's at 6800 ft - Yeah, def bad ass.

2. RAAM - Race Across America - Bike Race from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD. My company just happens to sponsor an 8 person team every year. Working for a satellite communications company also means that the team van gets outfitted with a video uplink broadcasting the entire race over the web. Watching these guys go from the southwest desert, to the mountains of Colorado, the plains of the mid west, to the rollers of the mid-atlantic was inspiring to say the least.

Obviously, nothing is guaranteed at this point, but I am already looking forward to next year "race" season.

As a side note, it's amazing when doing an olympic distance (superseal) in the coming weeks doesn't even phase me anymore than just being a "sunday workout" with 2 days of recovery, and Wildflower Long Course becomes a "Long Training Day". This season has been a little different than the past 2 since my "A" race was always lavaman, which is late march. Every race after that - was just a race that wasn't in hawai`i (Yes, I'm spoiled). Now, I look forward to the middle of the summer for my "A" race - it's a nice perspective to have.

Track tonight - yeeyeah!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Camping & Training - does it get any better?


Friday, I jetted out of work early to head up to Vail Lake with the SD Tri Club for some camping and training. I endured ZERO traffic on the 15, got there early, setup shop, and kicked back with a few brew-ha-ha's. Sleeping was a little rough since the night time temps creeped down to about 35, but it was great to fall asleep under the stars.

Saturday - Solid 60 mile ride with Steve Koci, followed by a brutal hilly and hot T-Run. Saturday night was the Triple B - Beers, Barbeque and Bonfire.

Sunday - I thought I was gonna end up doing another long, base building run, but after being absolutely unable to keep my HR down during the first brutal ascent, I said F&%k it, and turned it into a tempo run. This actually ended up being a great confidence builder for WF. After I was warmed up (and it was a little on the warm side), I was feeling really good on all the hills (thats all there was), and really kept a good pace going throughout the 6.5 mile jaunt. Peep the elevation profile!

After that, it down to La Jolla for some people/girls in bikini watching, I mean, kayaking for the lavaman team. Damn, the weather, amongst other things, was beautiful on Sunday.

After that, it was a quick and easy spin/recovery ride on the MTB in Penasquitos Canyon.

After that, I went home, cooked up some grub, got into a semi-food coma sunday night, and that's all she wrote!

Wicked Pissah!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

(Late) Weekend Recap

Fellow IMLP compatriot Dan Altobello made his way down from Smell-A for a weekend of training (read: gut check). Dan has been training for the O'side 70.3 in less than 2 weeks, and I wanted to see how his training was coming along. His requests were a 60 mile ride, and an ocean swim.

A little history: Dan was about 100% responsible for getting me into cycling 3.5 years ago. He, already having cycled for a years prior, has also owned me on the bike for the past 3.5 years.

Saturday was a 65 mile ride: basically the elfin forest loop, with a detour down to Mt. Soledad (up the inside of torrey of course en route of course - see pic), and back to Solana. It was a ferociously windy day (maxed out at 24mph coming down torrey), and ended up taking about 4.5 hours to complete. I had the great idea of climbing Mt. Soledad at about mile 53, and yes, it was the via capri side. As anyone can attest to, nearing the top is tough. I looked down, and had a speed of 4.2 mph, a cadence of 37, all out of the saddle, with my eyes about to bug out of my head. But alas, I made the final ascent, and waited at the top. And waited... and waited... and

VICTORY! It was a good time laying it down to Mr. Altobello.

After kind of a late night saturday, I woke up at 530am for the TCSD club race. I laid in bed for a while thinking "why do I want to freeze my ass off for free?" Got up, checked the weather outside, said it was too cold, and went back to bed. So I laid there for a while, and thought "F&ck it!", I got Dan up, and we double timed it down to the race. We made it in plenty of time, and overall - it was a blast. The advertised distances were 2 mi run, 12.5 mile bike and 4 mile run (but I think the distances were a little short). Since it rained Saturday night, it made for some muddy conditions. Here is the TT bike, looking like I just got back from mountain biking:

The highlight was by far (and to no one's surprise), the food afterwards. This was the first TCSD race I had done in a while, and I am obviously an idiot. Oatmeal, chocolate chips, bacon, cranberries, fruit, heck - even protein powder.

As said before, the conditions were muddy, and we all know what riding in wet muddy conditions can do to the back of you. As I was coming out of T2, in an effort to stall Paul Jesse up ahead about 30 ft, I yelled "Hey, Paul, it looks like you dropped a fat load in your pants!!!!!" because of the mud kicked up from his rear tire. Needless to say, all the volunteers got a huge kick out of that!

ps- Dan got smoked in the race!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spin = Snooze

Last night, I did my first spin/hard bike interval workout (in many months). It was:

15 min warmup
5 min of SLD's (30 seconds each leg and switch - all continuous)
2 min spin ups
10 x [30 sec sprint + 3 min easy recovery]
1.5 mile T-Run

Coupled with yoga yesterday at lunch, this led me to a whopping 45 minutes of hitting the snooze bar this morning! It felt good though!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

One of those great weekends...

This sunday late afternoon/early evening marked one of those times where I am just laying around, marveling at the great weekend, and not wanting it to end. As I type this - I am sunburned, it is March, and that just means life is good!

Saturday - San Diego Resolution Run 10k
After a week long bout with the flu and only being @ about 80-85%, I still did the race, and had a great time. I was curious to see what my time would be (a hair under 46 minutes), with being sick, and not having done any speed work since about last June, and I was happy with it. Afterwards, it was The Mission in Mission Beach for some post-race grub. Cash. I got home, crashed by the pool, and woke up sunburned. Sweet!

Sunday - Great Day
Pat and I hammered out a 50 miler Sunday morning. The highlight of the ride was the last hour or so. We were about 2 hours into it, and I was thinking "Man, my taint hurts, how the hell am I gonna be able to handle another 4 hours of this at Placid?" As any cyclist knows, when they hit the 101 and there are other cyclists around, all base building pace gets thrown out the window, and (un?)fortunately, a little bit of ego kicks in. In true fashion, we came up on a group, passed them, they snuck onto our rear wheels, and we proceeded to steam roll through cardiff/solana/del mar. The last hour of the ride or so was a true race effort/intensity, and it was probably the best I felt all ride. Imagine that!

After jumping in the ocean (sans wetsuit of course!) a few times for a quick refresher, Pat and I grabbed some food, and then I kayaked for the lavaman team. Now, when I say I "kayak", that usually means "heckle from the kayak". You might remember the Damian interviews from before. Now it was time to mess with Paul Jesse...

Also want to give Pat big up's this weekend for absolutely owning me in both the 10K, and destroying me up Torrey!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Up Down and Out

Saturday, I did the Iron Mountain brick workout with the lavaman team. When I first did this workout 3 years ago, I didn't stop talking about it - for about a year. I even have some history with this workout (first ever bonk, rolling my ankle 4 times, watching Gurujan hide under a rock from the 95 degree heat - amongst others). Since then, I have rarely passed up an opportunity to do this workout, so saturday was going to be no other.

The morning was nice. It was foggy and cloudy, making for great temperatures. For the first time ever, there were streams flowing everywhere on the mountain (Frogs were easily heard from just about anywhere), rather than the arid, dry conditions I am normally accustomed to. Pat and I did a quick 2 mile warm up (I guess making this the Iron Mountain Duathlon), easily worth 500(+?) ft of ascent. Then it was onto the bike, and of course, the run afterwards. In total, this sub 3-hour workout boasts nearly 4000ft in elevation gain. I planned on treating it as a long tempo workout, and seeing as though I have rarely raised my HR above 160 since Vineman (?) from all the base work I have been doing, I was definitely feeling it on the run. HR was well into the 170's, and there was a few times where I was walking more than I care to admit. Pat was kicking my ass going up the mountain, and I was cold. We got to the top, took a breather, headed back down, and I was struggling. Struggling somehow while going down the mountain. Pat dropped the hammer 1.5 miles out, and I got back to the cars about 5 minutes after he did.

I was done. Absolutely cooked. I was starting to get cold. I even moaned a little bit. I put my head on a railing to recover. I was then greeted with taunts of "denner, you wuss", "Sack up", laughter and the like. I had nothing for a response. People asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch with them, and the only thing I could respond with was "I'm sorry, but I can't be social right now", and I quickly took off after that. The ride home was a blur, and once I got home and got in the shower, I realized everything hurt. Not in that post-Iron Mountain hurt, but "Oh shit, I'm getting sick - probably really sick" kind of hurt. Everything ached. Things got worse throughout the day on saturday, and saturday night was spent tossing and turning.

Sunday morning was rough. I had to call my friend Dana and have her bring me to urgent care in La Jolla (I couldn't drive). Most of my time waiting for a doctor to see me was spent laying on the ground because I simply couldn't muster sitting up. Even when I could, I was hunched over with my head in my hands. The doctor's don't know what I have, but have a strong feeling that it's a viral infection, so I am on something called tamiflu for the next few days.

The good news is that I am feeling significantly better today, and hopefully will be able to get back on the horse later this week. Of course I had to call Damian (he who was drilling me after I finished) to let him know that I'm not a wuss - but one bad ass mofo for actually doing Iron Mountain Brick with a viral infection ... Biatch!!!

Train safe!