Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saturday, Hilly Saturday

Saturday, I hit up a pretty hilly ride with Erin, and have 2 notable pics:

This one is for you Jameson, a pic of my breakfast before the ride: Trader Joe's multi-grain pancake mix, protein powder, quaker oats, blue berries, flax seed oil, Henry's #6667 trail mix, topped with some organic medium amber real maple syrup - all made up for a PLATE size pancake!

It may also be a little hard to tell, but the freak storm on thursday left our San Diego mountains in the east covered with snow.

Erin and I came to a point in our ride on Black Mountain Rd where we looked left and saw ocean, and looked right and saw snow covered mountains.

February in San Diego - tough to beat!


Rachel said...

Great ride! It's so beautiful right now in SD, even if the weather is crappy. I love the snow in the mtns!

jameson said...

damn dude... I am out of town for a training class and haven't been able to cook my own meals since some time last week... your pancake just made me home sick!! I can't wait to get back in town and hit up Trader Joe's!

btw...You training plan looks killer. Solid approach.