Saturday, February 23, 2008

The ride that wasn't meant to be

This morning, Walter and I were gonna do the Elfin Forest loop.

We started off, and about 2 miles in, I got a flat. So I pulled over and changed it.

Less than a mile later, I had another flat (same tire), so I pulled over again and changed it, this time checking the wheel and tire for anything that could be puncturing. As expected, I didn't find anything.

As we started off again, Walter had this weird sound coming from his drivetrain, so we pulled over, and inspected. His front derailleur cable had become frayed, and was rubbing against his rear tire due to the routing. I figured that if we continued riding, his cable would either cause a flat (those cables can be sharp), or the tire would continue to fray the cable, rendering his front derailleur useless.

Getting the hint, we started back to Solana Beach to basically call it a day, and about 1.5 miles down the road, I got another flat - that's #3 if you lost count. So, I pulled over - not to change it, but to call my roommate and have him come pick me up. He doesn't pick up, so Walter calls his roommate come pick both of us, and we both finally head back to solana beach. Needless to say, we were pretty much laughing our asses off at this point.

Total Distance: 8.07 miles.

This wasn't the first time my front tire gave me problems, so I went over to B+L to get a new tire. Dan recommended the specialized elite armadillo. I mean, with a name like armadillo, how could you go wrong when it comes to flat protection? I wasn't too happy with the price ($42), but figuring by this point, I already spent $20 changing 3 tubes and using 2 CO2 cartridges, I dropped a F-it and got on my way.

So, I went back to my place, put it on my wheel with the full intent of actually doing a ride. I got about 2 feet out my front door when something didn't feel right. So, I looked down, and because the tire was a 700x25 (the only size they make it in), it was actually rubbing against my fork. Completely fed up, I got the hint again, went back inside, grabbed my book, and went out to the pool and read and take a nap in the sun.

I ended up going back to B+L again, exchanging it for a vittoria, and will eventually get around to changing it, and maybe even going for a ride. But with the rain coming tomorrow, that probably won't happen for a few days.

It's a good thing this all happened during a recovery week :)



lucky said...

OUch. Tough day. You need one of these every once in a while to get the demons out. See you in Lake Placid.

jameson said...

i think i was in B&L when you were returning the tire... I was in a Qualcomm kit. Sounds like you had a tough day on the bike... me too. rear der has issues, power-tap batter died, and then after 4 hours in the saddle my rear der cable snapped(that's why I was in B&L).

for tires you should check out the Conti Gatorskins. I have be riding them all winter and am really liking them.

Paul said...

I know what you mean. I had some crappy tires for a while and I flatted on every ride. Then I picked up some Michelin Pro Race 2's. Super light and bomb proof. No flats at all yet. Also I carry a pump and a flat kit because some days just suck.

gunnbr said...

I love the armadillos! They're what I have ridden for the past couple of years and have gotten almost no flats! I just switched to Vittoria this weekend cause Hi-Tech didn't carry the armadillos. I'm hoping they do as well.