Friday, February 15, 2008

The Plan

I have been tweaking my "plan" to get me to WF Long Course, and I think I've got it down. The plan is to periodically institute new stimuli to training. Here goes:

DEC07 - Get back in shape
'Nuff said

JAN08 - Bike/Run Base, Strength
Biking and Running realistically make up more than 2/3 of a triathlon in terms of time spent racing, so that was my concentration for the month - get the biking and running legs back in order. It's also best to build that aerobic engine early, so it was all low/base building effort. I also wanted to start building some early season strength, so the weights helped with that.

FEB08 - Continue Bike/Run Base, drop the weights, start swimming
There is only so much time in the day, and I eventually needed to start swimming. To do this, I had to drop weights, and maybe a bike/run or 2 during the week. The swim is coming a long nicely. I also know that swimming is all technique, so I didn't want to do swimming with any fatigue from weight training.

MAR08 - Continue SBR, get some weights back in, some race specific workouts
March is basically a transition from FEB (SBR base) to APR (Race specific) Continue with SBR base building. Now that I am full into swimming, I want to get back to some strength training, so I will incorporate some weight training back in. This should help compliment all the other disciplines.

Towards the middle of the month, I will start mixing in a few track workouts and/or spin classes to acclimate to Superseal racing intensity. My sundays will most likely transition from Long Run/(possible) swim combo to 3 hour bricks. This will most likely be the infamous Iron Mountain workout.

There will have to be a balance to the weights/race specific workouts, but I will have to work out the details.

APR08 - Continue SBR, race specific workouts
This will be like an extension of March, probably with the reduction of weight training to accommodate more race specific workouts such as TP bike repeats, Run Hill repeats, longer tempo rides and runs, and a few ocean swims.

Future post(s) will provide weekly workouts, hours, and miles, both actual and projected (damn, I'm such a geek).

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