Thursday, February 07, 2008

Get Lost

I went out on a run today at lunch, with absolutely no idea on where I was gonna go.

I found some nice (man made) trails and (naturally made) canyons throughout Carlsbad, got in a solid 1K of climbing, and still kept the bb pace sub 9:30. It was also a freakin gorgeous day out - 61 degrees, the slightest of breezes, and not a cloud in the sky. Picture Perfect.

What was also pretty nice was the amount of lush greenness (is that a word?) around. San Diego is starting to look a bit like Norcal with all the vegetation & growth from all the rain.

I've also been in the pool twice so far this week, and fully anticipate hittin it up again tomorrow night after work. As the week comes to an end, I can definitely tell I have mixed up the training a bit with some new "stimuli".

1 comment:

Paul said...

I love the lunch time trail run. It's the best thing in winter. Too bad the green won't last much longer. Keep up the good training.