Tuesday, February 05, 2008

1st Swim

I finally hit the pool last night. This was the third time (and first in a pool) that I swam since Vineman, back on 7/20/08 - a full 6+ months ago. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

Thankfully, Coach Ruthy, veteran pro triathlete and swimmer of nearly two decades said that my stroke was smooth, and really not that bad. I don't know if she was being nice or not, but she did give some advice me the one main thing I need to work on - too much crossover during my pull, and maybe even a little bit too much propulsion at the end of the stroke, thus torqueing myself a little. She said its normal, and should get better with time. Phew!

Afterwards, I met up with Greg and Graham Cooper for some beers at the Brig. I made the mistake of not really eating dinner, or drinking water afterwards. The plan was to wake up early, go for an hour run, hit the voting polls, and then get to work, with some ashtonga yoga during my lunch hours. Well, I did all that, the run was a little rough (beer is not necessarily the best for carbo loading), and coupled with the swim the night previous, yoga today just kicked-my-ass.

I am already looking forward to a good night sleep tonight. Woof.


Ang said...

Looks like the training is off and running...literally. ha ha, I am sooo witty, I know. I hate getting in the pool too, I think I have swam 3 times total since we moved. Did you hire coaches or are you training with a team? Good luck, I am going to make you a big sign so you can spot us at the race.

jameson said...

good on ya for getting back in the water... it's always tough.

hopefully you were using the beers to wash down some of the Brig's epic fish tacos!