Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dr. Randy Pausch

I have nothing else to say other than to take 10 minutes out of your day and watch this video...

If you have an hour and 15 minutes, here is the full version.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Surf Pics...

I ventured down to La Jolla today to get some pics of the 15 and 20 ft mackers that came into town after the storm. Here are some pics...

Read in between the lines...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The ride that wasn't meant to be

This morning, Walter and I were gonna do the Elfin Forest loop.

We started off, and about 2 miles in, I got a flat. So I pulled over and changed it.

Less than a mile later, I had another flat (same tire), so I pulled over again and changed it, this time checking the wheel and tire for anything that could be puncturing. As expected, I didn't find anything.

As we started off again, Walter had this weird sound coming from his drivetrain, so we pulled over, and inspected. His front derailleur cable had become frayed, and was rubbing against his rear tire due to the routing. I figured that if we continued riding, his cable would either cause a flat (those cables can be sharp), or the tire would continue to fray the cable, rendering his front derailleur useless.

Getting the hint, we started back to Solana Beach to basically call it a day, and about 1.5 miles down the road, I got another flat - that's #3 if you lost count. So, I pulled over - not to change it, but to call my roommate and have him come pick me up. He doesn't pick up, so Walter calls his roommate come pick both of us, and we both finally head back to solana beach. Needless to say, we were pretty much laughing our asses off at this point.

Total Distance: 8.07 miles.

This wasn't the first time my front tire gave me problems, so I went over to B+L to get a new tire. Dan recommended the specialized elite armadillo. I mean, with a name like armadillo, how could you go wrong when it comes to flat protection? I wasn't too happy with the price ($42), but figuring by this point, I already spent $20 changing 3 tubes and using 2 CO2 cartridges, I dropped a F-it and got on my way.

So, I went back to my place, put it on my wheel with the full intent of actually doing a ride. I got about 2 feet out my front door when something didn't feel right. So, I looked down, and because the tire was a 700x25 (the only size they make it in), it was actually rubbing against my fork. Completely fed up, I got the hint again, went back inside, grabbed my book, and went out to the pool and read and take a nap in the sun.

I ended up going back to B+L again, exchanging it for a vittoria, and will eventually get around to changing it, and maybe even going for a ride. But with the rain coming tomorrow, that probably won't happen for a few days.

It's a good thing this all happened during a recovery week :)


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tri Vid

I am sitting here in the middle of a recovery week, a little spent from both work and training. I come across this video that has one of my fav bands, The Editors, singing one of their best songs "Munich", in a ITU video that is firing me up for the upcoming race season!

Just seeing these guys run is making me look forward to the season's first 10K on March 8th. My run has been coming along nicely, and it will be interesting to see where I am time wise without having done a track workout in months.

Can't f'n wait!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saturday, Hilly Saturday

Saturday, I hit up a pretty hilly ride with Erin, and have 2 notable pics:

This one is for you Jameson, a pic of my breakfast before the ride: Trader Joe's multi-grain pancake mix, protein powder, quaker oats, blue berries, flax seed oil, Henry's #6667 trail mix, topped with some organic medium amber real maple syrup - all made up for a PLATE size pancake!

It may also be a little hard to tell, but the freak storm on thursday left our San Diego mountains in the east covered with snow.

Erin and I came to a point in our ride on Black Mountain Rd where we looked left and saw ocean, and looked right and saw snow covered mountains.

February in San Diego - tough to beat!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Plan

I have been tweaking my "plan" to get me to WF Long Course, and I think I've got it down. The plan is to periodically institute new stimuli to training. Here goes:

DEC07 - Get back in shape
'Nuff said

JAN08 - Bike/Run Base, Strength
Biking and Running realistically make up more than 2/3 of a triathlon in terms of time spent racing, so that was my concentration for the month - get the biking and running legs back in order. It's also best to build that aerobic engine early, so it was all low/base building effort. I also wanted to start building some early season strength, so the weights helped with that.

FEB08 - Continue Bike/Run Base, drop the weights, start swimming
There is only so much time in the day, and I eventually needed to start swimming. To do this, I had to drop weights, and maybe a bike/run or 2 during the week. The swim is coming a long nicely. I also know that swimming is all technique, so I didn't want to do swimming with any fatigue from weight training.

MAR08 - Continue SBR, get some weights back in, some race specific workouts
March is basically a transition from FEB (SBR base) to APR (Race specific) Continue with SBR base building. Now that I am full into swimming, I want to get back to some strength training, so I will incorporate some weight training back in. This should help compliment all the other disciplines.

Towards the middle of the month, I will start mixing in a few track workouts and/or spin classes to acclimate to Superseal racing intensity. My sundays will most likely transition from Long Run/(possible) swim combo to 3 hour bricks. This will most likely be the infamous Iron Mountain workout.

There will have to be a balance to the weights/race specific workouts, but I will have to work out the details.

APR08 - Continue SBR, race specific workouts
This will be like an extension of March, probably with the reduction of weight training to accommodate more race specific workouts such as TP bike repeats, Run Hill repeats, longer tempo rides and runs, and a few ocean swims.

Future post(s) will provide weekly workouts, hours, and miles, both actual and projected (damn, I'm such a geek).

Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Thats gotta make it on the blog"

I kayaked for the Lavaman team today, and was able to conduct two interviews during their workout.

The first one was with budding entrepreneur, and obviously warm blooded Damian Esparza ...

the second one was with Pat Drain on Damian, with Bill Earley summing it up the best...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Get Lost

I went out on a run today at lunch, with absolutely no idea on where I was gonna go.

I found some nice (man made) trails and (naturally made) canyons throughout Carlsbad, got in a solid 1K of climbing, and still kept the bb pace sub 9:30. It was also a freakin gorgeous day out - 61 degrees, the slightest of breezes, and not a cloud in the sky. Picture Perfect.

What was also pretty nice was the amount of lush greenness (is that a word?) around. San Diego is starting to look a bit like Norcal with all the vegetation & growth from all the rain.

I've also been in the pool twice so far this week, and fully anticipate hittin it up again tomorrow night after work. As the week comes to an end, I can definitely tell I have mixed up the training a bit with some new "stimuli".

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

1st Swim

I finally hit the pool last night. This was the third time (and first in a pool) that I swam since Vineman, back on 7/20/08 - a full 6+ months ago. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

Thankfully, Coach Ruthy, veteran pro triathlete and swimmer of nearly two decades said that my stroke was smooth, and really not that bad. I don't know if she was being nice or not, but she did give some advice me the one main thing I need to work on - too much crossover during my pull, and maybe even a little bit too much propulsion at the end of the stroke, thus torqueing myself a little. She said its normal, and should get better with time. Phew!

Afterwards, I met up with Greg and Graham Cooper for some beers at the Brig. I made the mistake of not really eating dinner, or drinking water afterwards. The plan was to wake up early, go for an hour run, hit the voting polls, and then get to work, with some ashtonga yoga during my lunch hours. Well, I did all that, the run was a little rough (beer is not necessarily the best for carbo loading), and coupled with the swim the night previous, yoga today just kicked-my-ass.

I am already looking forward to a good night sleep tonight. Woof.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Run

I went for a quick 45 minute run yesterday during the superbowl. I started it shortly after the 3rd quarter started, and I was not the only runner out there in Solana Beach. I counted not 1, 2 - but 3 other runners out there. Nice work!

You should also check out this great blog on nutrition:

Friday, February 01, 2008

Base Baby!

I have been concentrating strictly on base building workouts since I got over being sick earlier in January. That means no track or spin/turbo workouts, and not letting my HR get above ~160. My past 3 weeks have basically looked like this:

Mon: Weights in afternoon, then at night, Bike 1 hour on the trainer, keep HR @ 150
Tues: 1 hour yoga at lunch, then at night, 45-60 min run outside, keep HR
Wed: Same as Monday
Thurs: Same as Tuesday
Fri: off
Sat: ~2 hour bike
Sun: 60-75 min run

This week, progress started to show.

I did a lunch time bike ride, averaged 18.7mph with an avg HR of 152 for nearly 27 miles. My two runs this week have me averaging a 9:25 pace, while keeping the HR @ 150.

Now, granted these workouts are performed in 60 degree or lower temperatures, and I know temperature is a factor for me when trying to keep the HR in a respectable range, so that is helping.

In comparison to last year, my base pace for running was in the high 10min/mile range, and for biking, it was somewhere along 15-16mph.

I know a few things that have helped the running specifically are:
  1. Off season for me is exactly that - OFF season; let the body recover
  2. Diet/Weight loss. I am down 10-15lbs from last summer
  3. Strengthening the hip flexors (through weights/machines)
  4. Stretching almost every day - specifically in the hips & groin area
Let's face it, running is a weight baring exercise, so decreasing weight, strengthening the muscles that lift your leg, and keeping those muscles loose so they can contract more has started to pay dividends. I am toying with the idea of trying to go 40 minutes in a 10K this summer (PR is currently 43:50), so I need to keep it up.

Now, let's hope I can replicate that in the water, whenever I get back in the pool or ocean! I try to avoid the pool like the plague, since following a black line in chlorine water ranks a few spots below running on the dreadmill. I really enjoy ocean swimming, but haven't been able to find many others who are willing to swim in the mid 50 degree water. I feel that my Biking and Running are starting to come around, and that the swimming will start to compliment it. I guess its time to sack up, and take the plunge!