Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spreading the good word

I purchased the china study for 2 people in my family for christmas and one of them was my stepmother. She had a very unique nutrition issue a number of years back. After figuring out the problem and fixing it, she continued to learn about nutrition through her doctor, and although I was young at the time, I remember her saying one thing: "get rid of everything 'white' from your diet". At 40, she looks as good as ever. I figured she would probably enjoy this book.

I gave her a call yesterday to see how her reading was coming. The enthusiasm in her voice was noticeable before she finished her first word. Two weeks removed from christmas, she is nearly done with the book, and had these things to say about it: "I love this book", "Everything I learned 15 years ago was proven - he did all the work, and had hundreds of thousands of test subjects!", "I will read, and re-read this many times", "Even if you don't subscribe to the vegan diet, this will no doubt make anyone rethink their diet", and "Every single one of my friends wants this book when I am done!", and completely disregarding my father's wishes, she is changing the weekly dinner menu from 1 vegetarian/week, to 2 veg + 1 vegan/week. Dad is def a meat and potatoes guy and rolls his eyes to ill-conceived visions of eating "nothing but lettuce", but with his cholesterol, that ain't gonna fly anymore.

I am not one of those super obsessed people that tries to push certain subjects, has a chip on my shoulder, or thinks that I am better than the next person because I subscribe to a certain way of thinking, but I encourage anyone reading this blog to give this book a read.

Now, I'm off to git some oatmeal...


jameson said...

Killer... I will be picking up a copy this weekend. I am always down for some more nutritional information.

Hopefully you're feeling better and can get out and enjoy the 70 degree weather (in january) we are going to have this weekend!

Tina said...

I will pick one up for us to read. Scott does the cooking. He read another book Ultra Metabolism. I glanced through it, however, that is how he prepares our food.

Great to see you last night. Here is the link