Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HFNY, 07 Reflections, and looking forward to 08

disclaimer: this may be a long one

Apparently, I had some excess baggage when flying back from the east coast. Shortly after getting on the plane in B'more on Saturday, I started feeling like absolute ass, if there is such a thing as absolute ass. I figured it was something I ate, but 3 days later, I can't remember the last time I was this sick. My roomate Greg, now infected, mentioned that his Dad said there was something going around back east, and antibiotics are about the only cure. Sweet.

So now that I have loads of free time on my hands, it has allowed me to reflect on 2007, talk about things I would like to do/planning on doing in 2008, and watch a CSI marathon all day on NYE. I also watched one of the worst movies ever, "Next", and a decent movie, Ocean's Thirteen.

Overall, 2007 was a great year for me.
* I found what all the spin class craze was about
* won my AG in a 5K (with probably the slowest winning time ever) and found my preferred racing gear
* had a indescribable lavaman triathlon experience
* incredible vacation in Hawai`i afterwards
* Jeff went back into remission
* PR'd my 10K by 4 minutes (in a tri)
* completed my first half Ironman
* reaffirmed my dislike for swimming in a freaking pool
* started to *really* enjoy running
* signed up for IMLP next year
* lived life and worked without a car for 3 weeks
* realized that life can be lived, and preferred, sans meat
* photographing tri's is a lot of fun even if I am not racing
* Encinitas Tri
* Solana Beach Tri
* SOMA Tri
* and with a recent promotion at work, kicked ass at my presentation and generally had a great time at Oracle OpenWorld in November.

Although ringing in the new year with a glass of OJ and sudafed wasn't on my to do list, I can only look forward to a better year in 2008.

In general, I actually enjoy running now - long, short, easy and hard. In fact, in some weird way, I look forward to the marathon at IMLP. My main motivation is the horror stories I hear about on the back half of the marathon where people question their existence. Well, that just makes me want to crush the marathon (if crushing means running under 4 hours for someone who has never run a marathon).

The focus of the year is obviously IMLP, so that needs no explanation. Other races I plan on doing are the

* superseal tri (to fill that early season olympic distance craving)
* wildflower long course (already registed)
* San Diego Int'l (the staple race to gauge progress)
* more (free) TCSD club du's/tri's

I definitely want to throw in an xterra tri or MTB race. Even if I don't throw in an xterra race, I will definitely be mountain biking more, and doing a few adventure races. I haven't done an AR in almost a year, and I am definitely longing (or pining as Brian Gunn would say) to do one. Hopefully if this sickness goes away, I will be heading up to Irvine on Saturday with Damian to do one. As much as I love the competitive spirit of, and racing triathlons, adventure races are just as intense and require a different level of mental strength. Everything is fine and dandy when it takes you less than an hour to get the first 6 checkpoints, but when it takes you nearly an hour to find one checkpoint, it can really test one's patience.

I am also well overdue for some international travel, so I'd like to fit that in somewhere to. Luguna Phuket Triathlon anyone?!


Jeff H said...

How about Xterra Western Champs, right near you in Temecula, ~May timeframe I believe. Yay MTB'ing. Time to rest up and get 008 off to a good start!

Paul said...

Hey Ryan,

Sounds like you had a very fun filled year! 2008 looks to be shaping up nicely. Hopefully I'll see you at the club races and superseal. :)