Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day #11

I am on day #11 of this ridiculous sickness I have. My head is still generally "cloudy". My body feels good, but I have the nasally tone to my voice. I am however, feeling significantly better than last week. Antibiotics have helped tremendously. I was talkin with Kevin over the weekend (I actually made it out of the house to somewhere other than Von's, the Dr's or Longs), and he said he has had it for about 2 weeks. Shit.

Tonight after work, I hopped on the trainer for a 45 minute tempo ride. It was as brutal as a solo trainer ride can be, but I put on the normal trainer video to keep things going - the 2006 Ironman Championship bike ride. Watching Stadler ride the legs off everyone en route to a 26mph average over 112 miles is quite motivating.

I also hope to be back in full training mode this weekend. Let's hope for the best!

Until then...

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Paul said...

Good luck on that recovery! I'm on day 23. I did get some mild training in there, but as soon as I finished the antibiotics I relapsed...sucks. Be sure not to over do it, this bug going around is nasty!