Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aaahhhh... January Training

My sickness has subsided for the most part, so I was able to get back out there this weekend and enjoy these January 65/70 degree temps. Sweet!

Friday: Before work, I got in a 1 hour base ride on the trainer. After work, I did a 50 minute Zone 2 run along the cliffs in Del Mar at sunset. The fog rolled in thick just after sunset, which made for a slightly eerily yet pretty cool feel to the run.

Saturday: Learning about, and being active in helping the environment is on the 2008 to do list, so I volunteered with San Diego Coast Keeper by collecting some water samples at Otay Lakes Reservoir. After that, I rolled down to Coronado beach with some friends for a bonfire and hanging out. I learned that Trader Jose's Frozen Burritos can indeed be cooked over a bonfire, and came out pretty damn good at that.

Sunday: 2 hour Del Dios ride. I wanted to do this ride to check on the effects of the wildfires from a few months back. In general, there is some regrowth on its way that was def helped by the rains last weekend. Here are some pics:

Unfortunately, the del dios hill didn't get any easier though

Also, item worth buying: Trader Joe's 3 layer hummus: Regular/Cilantro & Jalapeno/Spicy.

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Rachel said...

Good for you for keeping up with your New Year's Resolutions about helping the environment. That's pretty cool! Del Dios is sure different, eh? I hate how ash still gets in your nose!