Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back from MA

What a trip! I am back in CA after 6 days (the perfect amount of time) in Massachusetts with my family friends. I have already acclimated back to CA life by a short surfing stint this afternoon :)

Some highlights of the week include:

My trip back home was interesting, which you can read about here. The short summary is that we had an unexpected 4 hour layover in Omaha Nebraska due to a BOMB THREAT against our plane. THAT was definitely unexpected! We eventually landed in Hartford at a brutal 4:45 in the morning. This was the start of a week where I never really got in a sleeping schedule (going to bed at 6am another morning didn't help either!)

I also watched a few episodes from the Sundance Iconoclasts Series. Basically, Sundance takes 2 well known people (I don't like the celebrity term they use) who on the outside don't seem to have anything in common, but once you see them interact, it's quite interesting. I have only seen the Dave Chappelle/Maya Angelou and Laird Hamilton/Eddie Vedder episodes, and although there is a small cheese factor involved, they were quite insightful and interesting. Worth the $2/episode from iTunes.

The triathlete in me for christmas received not one, but TWO, pairs of my fav running shoes - Asics Gel Cumulus VIII. I am quite fortunate for this luxury, and actually think I may dedicate one shoe to racing, and the other for training (after my current GC VIII starts hitting its limit on mileage).

Needless to say, I of course had to take the shoes out for a run. Knowing that I was gonna hafta get out of the house at one point during the week, I packed some warm running clothes. I also knew that local residents of a small new england of east longmeadow would be shocked to see someone running in running tights in 40 degree weather! Well, on my 6 mile jaunt through town, I actually had people slowing down to look at me and most likely wonder what the hell I was doing! And yes, that is snow on the ground! It is also safe to assume that given the temperature, I was moving along at a brisk pace.

The highlight of the week was definitely seeing the 2 new puppies that my dad recently got: Monty, and Blake. They are a lab/something mix (the something is obviously unknown), and the coolest, most well behaved dogs I have ever come across.

I also picked up a mild Sudoku addiction on my sister's Nintendo DS.

The rest of the week was spent relaxing, spending time with the fam, talking up the china study (there were 2 lucky recipients of that book in my family this year), and simply enjoying time off from everything.

The flight back to CA was less eventful than the trip to MA, but it was certainly interesting. Let's just say San Diego is a small town :)

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