Sunday, November 25, 2007

Triathlon Season #3 has commenced!

Triathlon season #3 is underway! This weekend was the first weekend of training for my third season of triathlon, and the focus is this season is to toe the start line and ultimately finish Ironman Lake Placid on 7/20/08. I am doing this insane triathlon as a deal with my good friend (and inspiration), Jeff Hartnett. As you probably know, Jeff was diagnosed with non-hodgkins Lymphoma back in January 2005, and I told him that once he got better, we would do an Ironman together one day. Well, after not one, but TWO battles with cancer, Jeff is embarking on the journey that is Ironman with a cast of characters that includes myself (tri geek), Dan Altobello (who got me into endurance sports), Erik Lake (xterra stud), Jeff's brother Mike (IMLP veteran), and Kelly Bergkessel (one really fast irongirl).

I did 2 "see where I'm at" workouts this weekend - The thanksgiving day turkey trot 5K (21:58), and a 20K TT (32:54, 22.57 mph). Overall, I was happy with the times, and the amount in which they both HURT is still seared into my head :) As most endurance athletes know, speed is the first thing to go in the off season, and I can most certainly confirm that. I also snuck in a long(ish) ride on saturday morning, and an ocean swim on sunday morning after the TT.

Well, I can say that my focus isn't training just yet, I am just easing into it right now - preparing my body for what is to come. My next posts will include my training strategy, and what's different this year compared to last. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Giving the gift of life

The San Diego Blood Bank comes to ViaSat (where I work) 2x/year, and I typically give blood during those times. 2 years ago I learned how giving blood can affect physical performance while working since really it is anti-doping (TdF rides - take note). But, other than the immediate physical limitations, I feel great afterwards. I almost feel a bit cleansed. Maybe it's a mental thing, maybe it's physical, maybe it's both. But regardless, I feel great afterwards!

I also learned of some partnerships that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has developed. These partnerships allow LLS to get a certain % of the total cost of a purchase, with NO cost to the consumer. So, if you purchase anything on or book travel on, use the following links!

Expedia Travel: