Monday, October 29, 2007

SOMA Triathlon - Tempe, AZ

After a tough week of wildfires in San Diego, I made the last minute decision (at about 9pm Friday night) to head to Tempe, AZ this weekend with Marty and Jay to watch Jay do the SOMA 1/2 Iron Triathlon. Jay was using this as a course preview for IMAZ and to get used to racing at a longer distance.

Since I wasn't racing, that meant that I was resident photographer. Here are some pics I took...

Race Morning Pre-Swim Start

Water Level Action Capture

By far, my favorite picture (oh, it's someone nearing the finish of the swim)

Rounding the final buoy

Some dude who looked fast

Jay on his bike

Good for this guy for doing a triathlon!


The inevitable peloton of a 2 race (there was an olympic tri too) on a 3 loop bike course:

a really cool yellow bike

Looking through a street scene

Someone really happy to be almost done with the bike

Jay, halfway through his run (walk), saying "F%&k it, I am jumping in the water to cool off before tackling the second half of the run (walk)" Gurujan Dourson would be so proud

A "race official" to check and see if Jay was OK

Stretch it out Jay


All pics

Big ups to Jay for finishing his first half ironman!!!!!!!


Michael said...

Nice photography work.
What kind of camera?

Rachel said...

Nice photos! I was there too! I love the one in the water! Btw, the smashed-up bike? That was my friend! He was super-bummed. Then, he stayed behind to cheer us all on the entire time, even with his injured shoulder! Hard-core! Oh, and it was HOT!

Nytro said...

dude! you totally got a pic of duane!!