Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random thoughts on the off season so far and IMHI.

I think I am officially recovered from the triathlon season, both mentally and physically, but that doesn't mean I am ready to get back into training full swing just yet.

After my first season, I definitely enjoyed a "f$%k training, I am gonna eat and drink whatever I want, whenever I want, and working out is just simply going to take a back seat." I was a little tired after my first season, and certainly enjoyed doing nothing but surfing, not being stressed at work, and getting drunk and eating dirty buffalo wings on random wednesday nights. By the time lavaman started up, I gained about 5-10 lbs (which meant my moobs were accentuated, which jay and paul are always a fan of), and was ready to get things back in order.

Things have a tendency to change from one year to the next.

Since Vineman, I have been working my ass off, stressing quite a bit, haven't got drunk since who knows (although, I have been drinking more often recently, just a lot less per sitting - and it doesn't take nearly as much as it used to), barely eat meat, and I have actually lost 7-8 lbs since the season ended.

The good news is my job is in much better alignment with career aspirations - just ramping up to the workload is taking some time. My body is also fully recovering - an aspect most athletes lose sight of. Realistically, resting is the best thing to get stronger - so let's just say I am gonna milk that statement for all it's worth! :)

After Vineman, I thought about continuing and doing LA Tri. But one weekend, a bunch of friends and I went camping up in Sequoia, and that was a pretty significant weekend of change for me. First, I realized that I just didn't want to do LA Tri - mainly because I was tired from training, and because I wanted to focus on work. I was promoted back in the spring, and things were started to kick into overdrive. Second, I had a long conversation with Jeff about nutrition, diet, cancer, health, the american diet, and the china study. Our conversation pretty much changed my perspective on food intake - hence the weight loss. I am certainly not full vegetarian or vegan, but animal products are used very sparingly (asking me to give up cheese is like asking Macca to give up his IM title he won on saturday!).

Speaking of, I did happen to watch the majority of the Ironman on the 'net on saturday (on my girlfriends birthday no less - I dont know how I pulled that off!!!!), and def gotta give props to Macca, and especially to Craig Alexander. I always thought Macca was gonna take it this year, but I don't think Craig Alexander got the props he deserved. I have always been a Crowie fan - he is the consummate professional - shows up on race day, doesn't talk trash or get caught up in the media/hype, and rips the field apart as if they didn't exist. This was his second IM ever, and first time in HI. Although he can rip 70.3's in his sleep now, he put on an absolute great race on the big show. Good on ya mate!

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JMoTriBella said...

Nice to see that you're posting again! How the hell do you lose 5 lbs without training? Do you really think it's the meat thing? I've gained 5 lbs since July. Hate it. Now I have a sprained foot and can't run. Send me a couple of daily menus that you have. I don't eat too much meat as it is (mostly b/c I'm lazy to cook it), but would be interested to see what kinds of foods you're consuming.