Monday, October 01, 2007

One Less Car

There is going to be one less car on the road between now and Oct. 12th. I was in a car accident on Friday, Sept 21st while traveling to work in the morning. The good news is that I am fine. The Max is a little banged up, and is in the shop for repairs. I thought I had car renter's insurance on my policy, but apparently I don't. I do have a job that requires me to be there everyday, so I am now relegated to either taking the train and/or riding my bike to/from work everyday.

Overall, it's kinda nice! It's a little bit of a rough start to be on a bike saddle 20 minutes after waking up in the morning, but it's nice riding with the sunrise, and also riding home along the coast at sunset. I think that once I get my car back, I am still gonna ride my bike to/from work 1x/week until it starts getting pretty cold out.


Jeff H said...

Way to reduce that carbon footprint! Sorry to hear about the max.

Michael said...

When does it "get cold out" in San Diego?


Kenny said...

u can borrow my beat up alty. i have no use for it