Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Life can be lived without a car!

I got the Max back, and here is the three week tally from living life without a car (yes, it can be done!!!):

Home to Work (one way): 14 miles

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  • 2 days: Amount of time it took me to get used to riding my road bike after riding a tri bike for 8 months
  • 2 people who offered to let me use an extra car they have that is not in use
  • 2 people who I said "thank you very much, but I am gonna tough it out" to
  • 4 days worked from home
  • 9 days doing the full round trip
  • 2 days doing one way (took train or got a ride for the other way)
  • 168 miles ridden
  • 3 pounds of body weight lost (apx)
  • 1.5: # of times almost being hit by a car (1 was really close, another was kinda close)
  • $135 saved in gas (apx)
  • 3 flat tires (consecutive days)
  • 2 chunks of embedded glass in my tire
  • 9 sunsets viewed from my bike overlooking the pacific
  • 2 sunrises viewed from my bike
  • 2 cold mornings
  • 1 morning where I actually wore gloves
  • 4 mornings of off shores winds that made for a cold right side of my face, but if there was more surf, would have been a near perfect morning for surfing
  • 3 people who complimented me on my bike (1 while driving)
  • 3 days of sore "sit bones" getting used to the Selle SMP saddle
  • 1 evening where I actually ran afterwards to turn the commute into a full out brick session
  • 1 morning where an old guy on a MTB sucked wheel for apx 6 miles and could actually hang
  • 1 morning where myself and other riders rode 4 deep and cranked up the coast
  • 7 afternoons of riding slower in the stretch between Swami's and Cardiff to look at the hot chics running
  • 3 people at work who thought I was crazy for riding my bike to/from work everyday
  • 1 who still talks about it
  • 1 night where I accepted a ride home so that we could go drink beer and eat tacos
  • 1 sighting of Michellie Jones training for Ironman Kona
  • 0 things left in my cabinet and fridge from barely going grocery shopping!


Jeff H said...

Nice to see somebody actively reducing their carbon footprint!!

However, your missing a couple stats:
-Change in lactate threshold
-Change in VO2 Max
-Change in morning resting HR

Alana said...

this is confirmation that i am reading your blog. i like this breakdown :)