Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cross Training!

I love cross training!

Well, hmmm, cross training, anyways, is a term that triathlete's use to say they did workouts that can benefit their triathlon training. Seeing as though I am not training for a triathlon anymore...

I love mountain biking and orienteering!

Last weekend, I went up to the small town of Downieville, CA. Where is Downieville you ask?

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2 hours northeast of sac-town, and 1 hour northwest of lake tahoe. Downieville used to be a mining town, but now is a town that has 4 places of business (gas station, general store, and 2 others), tons of camping spots, and never ending mountain bike trails! So, the town exists for one reason: mountain biking! I rolled up w/ Dan, and we met up with Jeff and his (nationally ranked) Berkeley Mountain Bike team. It was a great time, but I definitely learned that it can be challenging descending ~6000ft in elevation on a hard tail mountain bike. It pretty much defined a full body workout - my shoulders are triceps were still a little sore 4 days after riding. Damn.

This weekend, I did an orienteering event in Balboa park with the San Diego Orienteering club. Orienteering events are always boatloads of fun (cheap too!). It definitely helped knowing the park as I was able to easily get to each of the points without much navigational issues. However, technology deceived me today. It looks like the SDO club caught up with the rest of the world and decided to buy electronic recorders at each of the check points. You basically swipe your electronic fob against each of the sensors, you hear a beep, which records that you were indeed there, and then you move onto the next one. Well, I thought I had all them covered, but at the finish when they downloaded all the data - apparently #2 (out of 12) was missing, so I got a DNF. Major bummer - especially since I would have come in second place in the individual medium course!