Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Off Season!!!!

I recently just started training for ... nothing!

It's kinda nice honestly. I am a major abundance of free time. I actually see my girlfriend more than every once in a while, I am not constantly eating (well, kind of), I am able to focus on work quite a bit more (which is a good thing), and I am never worrying about if I got in a specific workout for the week in.

My "Off season" will consist of some "cross training" in the form of lots of yoga (for flexibility and core strength), strengthening my hip flexors, some light weight workouts (maintain some strength), quite a bit of volleyball, a fair amount of surfing, as much camping as I can fit in, and a very generous amount of laziness, and probably having a beer or two or...

The justification is easy since taking time off helps you come back stronger, right? :)

It's definitely time to focus on some other goals I have lined up for this fall, and early winter. The blog will get updated from time to time, but nothing like it was leading up to lavaman and vineman.


Rachel said...

Yea for the off season! I don't really get one this year--spring IM. But with base training, things slow down. I know how it feels to be completely spent by the end of the summer.

Michael said...

Quick suggestion: Try to maintain some level of base fitness. By doing so you will eliminate that useless "get back in shape" training block in January and you can focus on building your base.

I'd suggest going for the occasional jog and cycling for ...*gasp*

319 Days until IMLP 2008.

Nathan said...

If you can get a chance, give crossfit a look during your off season. You'd be amazed at what you'll accomplish in a little amount of time with crossfit workouts.