Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Double Peak Drive

I brought my bike into work today so that I could sneak in a hard ride during lunch hour. Rather than doing the usual ride to oceanside pier and back, I sent an email to the biking group to see if anyone wanted to do a ride, preferably with hills. One soul, Doug Poorman, a seasoned athlete, responded that he'd ride with me, and that we would do the double peak via el fuerte loop.

We started our ride, and Doug asked me with a shit eatin' grin if I had ever done this ride. I informed him that I hadn't, and his shit eatin grin just got a little bit bigger. We made our way down down into San Elijo Hills town center, passed through town, and started out ascent up San Elijo Rd north. I could see up ahead that there was nothing but ascending to be had.

My curiosity peaked (no pun). I wondered what Doug had in store for me. So far, I was comparing the hill to Torrey Pines. As we continued, the hill started to seem longer than Torrey Pines, and started to get a little bit steeper. Not as steep as the inside of TP, but enough to get your attention. Up and up we went. We finally got to a point where I said to Doug "I think I know which way we are gonna go." I figured it out by basically looking up.

Ask for hills, and you get hills.

We made our turn and the grade seemed to double. It was probably into the double digits by now. I wasn't out of the saddle ... yet. We made our way around another turn, and the grade kept on increasing. I thought I could see the top, but that took the focus from what was right in front of me. I started climbing out of the saddle. My speed dropped considerably. My ears actually popped at one point. I looked down, and I was moving at 4.4mph in my easiest gear at 95% max HR.

This is when I knew the climb was epic.

After we summited, we enjoyed a laugh or two about the climb, and I must say, the view from on top of Double Peak Drive was comparable to the view on top of Iron Mountain - absolutely beautiful. 360 degree view of North County. Obviously, the view wasn't the only similarity to Iron Mountain, the workload getting was just about the same as well.

It was one of those climbs/workouts that as soon as I got back to my desk, the first thing I did was email a bunch of people I thought would be interested in this climb, and you said "YOU NEED TO DO THIS!"

Stats for "The climb"
* 900+ ft in elevation gain over 2.5 miles
* 500ft in elevation gain in 1.1 miles.

Gotta love "lunch" hour!


Patrick said...

I'm going to give you some crap, Denner, so don't get mad or anything...if you say something caught your attention, it may "pique" your interest, but it doesn't "peak" your interest.

Like GI Joe you know and knowing is half the battle!

Patrick said...

By the way, your blog kicks my blog's ass. I have much to do to get to your level [in blogging]. In triathlon, all I can say is I'm gunning for you at Lavaman '08, buddy!