Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Off Season!!!!

I recently just started training for ... nothing!

It's kinda nice honestly. I am a major abundance of free time. I actually see my girlfriend more than every once in a while, I am not constantly eating (well, kind of), I am able to focus on work quite a bit more (which is a good thing), and I am never worrying about if I got in a specific workout for the week in.

My "Off season" will consist of some "cross training" in the form of lots of yoga (for flexibility and core strength), strengthening my hip flexors, some light weight workouts (maintain some strength), quite a bit of volleyball, a fair amount of surfing, as much camping as I can fit in, and a very generous amount of laziness, and probably having a beer or two or...

The justification is easy since taking time off helps you come back stronger, right? :)

It's definitely time to focus on some other goals I have lined up for this fall, and early winter. The blog will get updated from time to time, but nothing like it was leading up to lavaman and vineman.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


That's my confirmation number for signing up for Ironman Lake Placid 2008!

Officially, that's my next race. I have decided not to do LA Tri this september, but I still may sign up for Mission Bay Tri as a fun race - with the emphasis on "fun" - can't disclose too many details yet :)

But back to the big news, I have signed up for the Ironman Journey.

A few years ago, when Jeff Hartnett was battling his lymphoma for the first time, I made a deal with him that if he got better, that we'd do an Ironman together. Well, Jeff is certainly well on his way to recovery, and I needed to hold up my end of the bargain. Jeff has wanted to do this race for some time now since he is from the upstate new york region. Myself, I have plenty of family and friends from the northeast that I'd really like to see come up and witness the race. A "race" - whatever I can consider "racing" a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run. I think it's more of an "event" than a "race", but those are just opinionated formalities anyways!

I haven't really sorted my thoughts about this just yet, but I know it's gonna be an incredible. From the training to the event, it's going to be a journey - that's for sure. Not to mention that there is about 8 or so of us that are doing it (we are all friends with Jeff, but don't all know one another) from all over the country, so it will be cool to keep tabs with everyone during their training. The wheels are already in motion to have a "training camp" weekend in San Diego. Hey, if you are gonna live in the best year round climate for training, you might as well host a weekend with a bunch of people who you are going to do the race with.

Projected start of IMLP training: 1/1/08

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Solana Beach Tri

I am a little late in posting these since the Solana Beach World Championship sprint Tri was the weekend after Vineman, but better late than never right!?

The 400m swim

Luke Walton, a la eye of the tiger, enjoying the brutal ascent from the swim finish...

Mikey V being shy for the camera...

Ryan Levinson...

Onto the bike...

Mike Kocin, a co-worker, and a man double my age who could doubly kick my butt in any race...

Breakaway Coaches...

Madd Marty finishing the bike and about to blaze through transition...

Kassie, who obviously has taste in the color of bike she chose, about ready to take over some poor soul on a MTB...

This next section is a special section devoted to Dave Wilcox. Dave was one of our assistant coaches of lavaman, a 5x Ironman Triathlete and he was doing his first sprint of his triathlon life. Him and I always seem to give each other shit often, so without further adieu...

Dave, coming out of the swim, proving that Ironman triathletes can indeed take off their wetsuits by themselves without the help of peelers...

Dave, obviously drafting... (side note, I actually yelled at Dave to stop drafting when he passed me, and the guy who Dave was drafted off of yelled "YEAH!" in agreement. It was by far the best part of the race).

Dave, your seat is too high...

Wilcox again, drafting, again (while getting heckled from Paul and I)...

(in Dave's defense, its a 2 loop 9 mile bike course that had 1000+ triathletes signed up. Drafting was inevitable)

and Dave, enjoying the full throttle/red line/go go go 5K run!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Double Peak Drive

I brought my bike into work today so that I could sneak in a hard ride during lunch hour. Rather than doing the usual ride to oceanside pier and back, I sent an email to the biking group to see if anyone wanted to do a ride, preferably with hills. One soul, Doug Poorman, a seasoned athlete, responded that he'd ride with me, and that we would do the double peak via el fuerte loop.

We started our ride, and Doug asked me with a shit eatin' grin if I had ever done this ride. I informed him that I hadn't, and his shit eatin grin just got a little bit bigger. We made our way down down into San Elijo Hills town center, passed through town, and started out ascent up San Elijo Rd north. I could see up ahead that there was nothing but ascending to be had.

My curiosity peaked (no pun). I wondered what Doug had in store for me. So far, I was comparing the hill to Torrey Pines. As we continued, the hill started to seem longer than Torrey Pines, and started to get a little bit steeper. Not as steep as the inside of TP, but enough to get your attention. Up and up we went. We finally got to a point where I said to Doug "I think I know which way we are gonna go." I figured it out by basically looking up.

Ask for hills, and you get hills.

We made our turn and the grade seemed to double. It was probably into the double digits by now. I wasn't out of the saddle ... yet. We made our way around another turn, and the grade kept on increasing. I thought I could see the top, but that took the focus from what was right in front of me. I started climbing out of the saddle. My speed dropped considerably. My ears actually popped at one point. I looked down, and I was moving at 4.4mph in my easiest gear at 95% max HR.

This is when I knew the climb was epic.

After we summited, we enjoyed a laugh or two about the climb, and I must say, the view from on top of Double Peak Drive was comparable to the view on top of Iron Mountain - absolutely beautiful. 360 degree view of North County. Obviously, the view wasn't the only similarity to Iron Mountain, the workload getting was just about the same as well.

It was one of those climbs/workouts that as soon as I got back to my desk, the first thing I did was email a bunch of people I thought would be interested in this climb, and you said "YOU NEED TO DO THIS!"

Stats for "The climb"
* 900+ ft in elevation gain over 2.5 miles
* 500ft in elevation gain in 1.1 miles.

Gotta love "lunch" hour!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Perfect Food: Bagels

I love Bagels.

I eat one almost everyday. I have been eating a bagel nearly everyday for at least the past year, if not more.

They are, in essence, the perfect food. Let me explain...

You can put cream cheese on it and have it for breakfast. It is also the ultimate sidekick to a cup of coffee.

You can put lunch meat on it and have it as a lunch sandwich, with quite a bit more flavor than just bread.

Throw some peanut butter and honey on it, and you have one hell of a power snack.

You could even make a Pizza Bagel for dinner!
Not to mention, it is packed with carbs, has a generous amount of sodium and protein, with a sprinkle of fat. Basically, the ultimate food for triathletes. I mean, seriously, there really isn't a more versatile food out there.

Even Jaybuddy wrote an article on the Bagel Vs. The Donut (guess who won!)

I have approached the point in which I am getting sick of eating the same types of bagels that I have buying for the past year or so. I felt that I needed help - not because I am addicted (that is debatable), but because I need recommendations for new venues to buy good bagels.

Is there a better group of people to consult with than the Triathlon Club of San Diego? I posted the question on our yahoo group site and within minutes, the responses flowed in.
  • One person started her response with: "OMG, someone who feels the same way about bagels as I do!!!"
  • Another signed his response: "Cheers from the bagel fans"
  • 2 people used the term "The bomb!" to describe their recommendation
  • One hungry fellow stated the following after his recommendation: "i think im gonna go get some now because they sound delicious"
  • Another responder finished with signing: "Powered by Bagels"
  • Another fellow bagel fanatic started her response: "WOW, LOVE THIS BAGEL DISCUSSION!"
  • One respndent had excellent use of the word "versatile" in her description of a sesame seed bagel, adding: "getting hungry just thinking about it!" and closed with a friendly reminder: "Remember, they are bagels, you can't really lose!". This person and I are obviously on the same page!
  • One even educated me on the "complex chemical mix that is always changing" and how to prevent staleness of bagels.

Another key response was to purchase bagels from a bagel shop, put them in a freezer bag, and freeze them. This will help prevent the staleness, and when I am ready to have one, all I have to do is put it in the toaster, and its almost as good as fresh. One gentleman noted: "We buy them by the dozen and freeze what we cannot force down instantly".

These are obviously my type of people!

I was also provided with numerous places to purchase these morsels of heaven.

  • Garden State Bagels in Encinitas (El Camino and Encinitas Blvd)
  • (San Diego, Ramona and San Marcos)
  • Einstein Bagels was a very popular response, and their bagels can even be purchased at Costco
  • Trader Joe's Sprouted Wheat Bagels
  • A strong recommendation for Bruegger's since their bagels are made from scratch on site (apparently einstein's uses frozen dough)
  • "Top of the Bagel", which is located in Solana Beach and Carlsbad.
  • Big City Bagels in Hillcrest - (A phenomenal daily sale: 13 bagels and 2 tubs of cream cheese for $9.95. I think that is really tough to beat!)

There you have it - straight from the most reliable sources in San Diego!

Thank you all for your responses, and your inspiration to blog about bagels!