Sunday, July 08, 2007

What is the question?

To wear a wetsuit, or not to wear a wetsuit, that is the question.

The russian river water has been fluctuating between 24C and 26C for the past few days. Once the water temp hits 25.6C (78F), wetsuits will NOT be allowed per USAT rules.

To keep tabs on the latest water temps, check out this link:

Based on previous races, I know that, personally, I can't swim with a wetsuit in water over 70 degrees, and that is due to overheating, so I know going into this race that I will not be wearing a full wetsuit. However, seeing as though I own a DeSoto T1, I will most likely wear the bib john bottom during the race IF wetsuits are allowed. Wearing just the bottom will obviously not be as fast as the entire suit, but will help with speed (slippery-ness of the wetsuit), and keeping my legs more bouyant in the water (since my legs are like anchors while swimming).

I did my friday ocean swim with just the bib john, and actually liked it. It gave me the speed/bouyancy I was hoping for, with minimal drag (the suit isn't completely skin tight in the back due to the curvature of the spine). It did feel a little funny just wearing the "bib john", as I felt almost hick-ish :)

It'll be interesting if there are no wetsuits allowed since that will put everyone on an even keel during the swim.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, my legs sink like rocks on the swim- so the use of a wetsuit is always welcome. But most of the races I do are close to the temp. limit for suites- so even my long john suite causes overheating issues (not to mention neck chaffing issues). Tried DeSotos Speed Tube in a race last May and it was the best solution. The bib bottoms probably work well- but I'm guessing the Speed Tube is more water tight and a bit less drag- may be worth investing in.

Ryan Denner said...

who is anonymous?