Friday, July 13, 2007


In keeping w/ my ritual of getting a full body massage before an "A" race, I went to the Ananda Center in PB on wednesday night to loosen up. What's great about the Ananda Center is they have $45 60 minute night massages on Wednesday's.

I asked for some deep tissue, and got it, but it wasn't an uncomfortable deep tissue massage (always nice). I originally thought that my IT Bands were a little on the tight side, but Renee seemed to disagree. It looks like the Foam Roller really works!

I felt great afterwards, and even the next day. Some people ask if it is better to get one before or after a big race, and I definitely say before. There is nothing worse than doing a workout, or a race for that matter, and just feeling tight. I think it's best to go into a race feeling loose and relaxed. Your muscles are no doubt gonna tense up while racing, and since I race harder than I train, I think it helps with injury prevention as well.

Now, if only ice baths felt as good as full body massages :)

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Anonymous said...

nice photo of the foam roller denden. I am overdue for a massage.