Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Pardon the somewhat somber mood post a few back. Sometimes it happens.

I am happy to say that I finally finished a pool workout, and actually ended up being happy afterwards too. I know this sounds elementary, I was in a serious pool rut for the past month or 6 weeks. Every pool workout was the same thing - I felt slow, my back, shoulders, triceps felt really tired and fatigued a mere 1000m into a 3000m workout. Hell, even last monday I quit the workout halfway in. Granted I had others things on my mind, but the pool wasn't helping.

But Monday was a breakthrough. As expected, 1000m into the workout, I was experiencing the usual tightness/fatigue. And then during the middle of the set, my goggles broke. The plastic thing that holds the strap in place fell off, thus my goggles fell off my head. This also happens to be the only time I didn't have my contacts on. I almost to get pissed, but told myself to ease up. I had visions (blurred visions at that) of the plastic piece falling all the way to the bottom of the pool and never finding it, thus ending my workout. Fortunately, the thing just kinda floated around by the surface, and I was able to find and fix the goggles. I finished the set, and eventually finished the workout, and was one of the last people to finish the workout. Partially to my mishap, but also because no one wanted to finish the workout. About 2/3 into the workout, I also had a mental confidence boost when the fatigue/soreness just magically went away, and all the sudden I was swimming faster. It was weird. I started passing people, and would constantly catch up to the next person. Maybe it's because people "blow their load" by going to hard in the beginning, but regardless, it was great for me to finish the workout strong - both mentally and physically!

Tuesday was track, and the workout was 6 x 800m. In talking with Mike Plumb, he recommended that I run the intervals as hard as I can without comprimising the times for future intervals. So, I ran the first 5 between 3:01 and 3:06, and finished the last one with a 2:45 (I always push hard on the last one). I was really happy w/ the times since I have had some schedule conflicts which have prevented me from running track as often as I would like!

Those were the last hard workouts before my taper starts (yeah!), and I was glad they ended up the way they did.

Rock on!


Jeff H said...

2:45?! Pimp! Your last 800 at Vineman should be around 2:30 right?

Alana said...

woo hoo!

Michael said...

It sounds like you are seriously overtrained. You need some concentrated downtime to recover. If your back/shoulders/triceps feel fatigued during a "normal" workout, your body is trying to tell you something!

Taper sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

If I can do a 1/2, anyone can do it. Good Luck.