Friday, July 06, 2007

16 Days Until Vineman

2 weeks and 2 days before I am participating in the Vineman 70.3 Triathlon.

I am not really sure how I feel about it right now. I know I am ready, but I'm not sure if I am ready. Does that sound weird?

I know I will be able to swim the 1.2 mile swim, bike the 56 mile bike, and run the 13.1 mile half marathon. I know I can finish.

But right now, I am not mentally confident. Due to a previous injury, an evolving work schedule since taking a new and more demanding job, and balancing that thing called life, I don't feel like I ever got in a consistent training schedule, other than my grueling saturday workouts. I guess those are the most important of all, but being a creature of habit - I never got into my "habit".

The Swim is only another 400 meters longer than an olympic distance tri, so I was never really "worried". The swim is probably my weakest sport, but also the least time consuming portion of a triathlon. But right now, I don't enjoy swimming. I can't stand going to the pool, and although ocean swims are the best way to start the weekend, I don't seem to be "into it" when I swim, even as beautiful as swimming in the pacific is.

My bike is "there", although I don't think I did enough speed workouts to compliment the endurance workouts. Some people say to focus on your weakness, and not on your strength, but my strength is the bike, and the bike will take up more than 50% of the race.

The half marathon. This is what really worries me. I know I can finish a half marathon, but due to an injury a few months ago, my running took a little bit of a backseat. But that's not the issue. It's gonna be running a half marathon in the sweltering heat of mid-day. I plan on getting off the bike sometime between 10:00am and 10:30am, which puts me at the doorstep of the hottest part of the day. This is where the real test will be as I don't tend to run well in heat. But I guess it could be worse, I could start the swim an hour later, and start the run at 11:00-11:30. Now THAT would suck.

My taper will probably be about a week to a week and a half, which means I have about a week or so "true" of training left, but realistically, my overall fitness is what it is. I am not gonna be able to take 4 minutes off my half marathon time by going to track next tuesday. I think what I really need to focus on is my (ahem) focus. I ran for 2 hours last night after work, and although I was feeling it at the end, I did hit the weights yesterday, so I was happy that I wasn't terribly fatigued after I returned to my pad.

Maybe I am just in a rut.
Maybe I am getting my pre-race butterflies a little early.
Maybe this is all normal.


Jeff H said...

Relax homie, your money is in the bank....withdrawl to be made in full on 7/22. Your in great shape, best to rest and eat up!

JMoTriBella said...

Dude, you'll be fine! You've been training your ass off. You're ready for this race. If I can do a half, you should have no problem!

Alana said...

beb, you are gonna do AWESOME on this race! I really don't think you have anything to worry about. What you're feeling is normal. You are in kick ass shape and are gonna rip the course.