Saturday, June 30, 2007

Theory of Specificity

The Theory of specificity states that you should train in similar conditions as you are going to race in, and that was the purpose of today's workout. Damian, his friend Matt, and I started at 9:15am to ensure that we get a lot of heat training since Vineman will probably have temperatures into the 80's and 90's.

I slapped 6 pieces of a power onto the top tube, taped 3 gel's to my stem, filled up my water bottles with exactly what I am going drink during the bike, and did a 3 hour and and a half hour bike ride, finishing at about 1:30pm (we had to stop a few times). Matt opted to pass on doing the run for the most incredible reason: he had to go home and take a massive shit. Of course I offered my restroom facilities in my apartment, but he said "Dude, its gonna be a newspaper shit, and I dont want to hold you guys up." I told him that I understood, and we parted ways.

Damian and I made our way through San Elijo Lagoon for about a 9.5 mile run afterwards, and I must say, it was freakin' tough! It was HOT out there today, and my pace was a little faster than my typical base building, but my heart rate was through the roof due to the outside temperature heating up my core temperature.

Afterwards, we hit the pacific ocean as we normally do, and completely passed out on the beach. After I woke up...

I didn't realize that Amtrak built a raidroad that led right up to where I was passed out on the beach. I tried to get up, and almost signalled for assistance! Holy crap. I was in a world of hurt!

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