Friday, June 29, 2007

The Real San Diego Intl Race Report

Before I go into the real race report, I must start the story from the day previous...

Don't eat spicy thai food for dinner at 9:15pm the night before the race. I won't go into details, as you can probably draw your own conclusions, but I wouldn't recommend doing something like that to yourself. If greeted with the opportunity, pass on it. Trust me.

SDI was a transition practice/fun race/speed workout/revenge against the course race for me this year. I am also happy to report that it was everything that I just mentioned!

As usual, the alarm went off a bit on the early side after not falling asleep at an early enough hour. I got to the race, sufficiently fueled and hydrated, and started with my pre-race warm up. I was happy to be racing, but not "into it". 20 min bike ride up the hill, followed by a 10 minute run. I made a big mistake last year by spending way too much time in TA bullshitting with Paul and Jay, and was sure not to do that again this year. Especially with a 6:45am start. I finished my run, and noticed that there was only about 7 minutes before my wave was supposed to start. Shit. That left me about zero time to stretch, 3 minutes to put on my wetsuit, 3 minutes to get down to the beach, and 1 minute to swim out to the floating start. And thats about exactly what happened. Shit. For the second year in a row, I didnt do any warm up on the swim, even though I wanted to. Shit.

Well, not warming up paid huge dividends. The swim was atrocious to say the least. Like last year, within minutes, I was flustered, overwhelmed, practically hyperventilating, getting kicked punched, and stopping every few minutes to catch my breath.

Great, new year, same shitty start to a race. I finally made it to the beach, got out of the water, took off my goggles and processed the following things:

1. My watch said some time below 17 minutes, which I was happy with.
2. My Heart Rate Monitor read 95%. I was really hoping that there is a large margin for error when wearing a HR in the water
3. I barely knew what planet I was on.

4. Jess Motyl, who is Pats Girlfriend, started yelling at me as soon as I got upright: "DENNER, YOU ARE SLOW!!!! EVEN PAT BEAT YOU OUT OF THE WATER!!!! PICK IT UP!!!"


Oh yeah, this is a Type A personality/competitive sport.

Pat and I usually swim in the same lane at swim practice, but he has much more Nazi like tendencies when swimming, so him beating me out of the water was no large surprise to me. However, running through transition, I could see him running to his rack, so its not like he beat me by much :)


The bike was hilly, yet fast, as it is only a 30K bike. Really the only thing to note on the bike is that I had my first ever chain drop (thats when the chain falls off the bike), and had to stop to pick it up. This of course all happened going up hill. After I got my drivetrain back working, I was passed by the Pro Peloton group. Some people say there is no drafting in triathlon, but it was plainly obvious that quite a few pro's and elite's were drafting. The good part is that Michellie Jones passed me, and I got to see her rear...

... disc that is.

I said F&*k it, and drafted off them for a little while, but they dropped me like the MOP'er that I am. I finished the bike with little or no errors, and was now thinking of the run. I made a polished transition off the bike into my running shoes to start the 10K.

With aviators and my trust de soto trucker of course :)


The run was great. It's probably the flattest 10K in all of triathlon, and the weather was perfect. 60's and overcast. I knew my first few miles were at about a 7:05-7:10ish pace, which I was happy with. I was slightly concerned with the run since my running has taken a little bit of a backseat this summer with a slight injury I had, but I hit the halfway point and was feeling good. The second half of the run was about the same as the first half, fast, and going at a great pace.


It was a fun race! I beat last year's time by over 15 minutes, which I was happy with. Here is the breakdown:

Swim (1K): 16:02
T1: 1:11
Bike (30K): 51:43
T2: :59
Run: 43:50
Final: 1:53:45

13/75 in my Age Group
82/840 Overall

I feel that I need to put another section in here on transitions., and that's because I absolutely smoked my transitions. Hey, I said I wanted to use it as T practice so....

Things to note:

* 21st overall in T1
* 6th overall in T2
* 6th overall in total transition time
* Total transition time: 2:10, Avg race transition time: 5:52
* I passed 9 people in my AG @ T1 alone

One thing that I definitely learned is that I DONT like going that long between races. Lavaman was my last race, and it was way too long!

Now, its onto Vineman!

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported!

More race pics here:

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