Monday, June 18, 2007

Photo Essay: San Francisco

I was up in San Francisco last week for training. Work training that is - not triathlon training. In fact, there was little to no triathlon training at all due to the fact that I was sicker than a dog monday and tuesday, with wednesday and thursday being days where I could finally get out of the cloud I was in. It was a really cool trip since I stayed on OFarrell St, which is about 2 blocks from Powell and Market st - pretty much downtown financial district of San Francisco.

It was definitely a happenin place to be. Few things to note about the city:
* Way more liberal and a nice change from conservative San Diego
* Some beautiful, and not so, people in the city by the bay
* More bums per square block on Market than I have ever seen in my life
* They have a fantastic public transportation system, and even getting on the wrong bus can still get you back to rigth area (relatively speaking)
* Very cool being back in a urban/big city scene

Here are some photos I took during my stay:

Walking down the street, you are likely to be greeted by musicians doing their thang:

As noted above, there were a lot of bums on Market St. (hey, they know where the money is, right?). San Francisco, always on the brink of technological innovation, actually has tincan robotic bums asking for money:

Interesting Architecture:

A starbucks, literally, on every corner...
View of a Cable car from the street:
View of the street from a cable car (at night):

the always popular tourist attraction GGB:

Out of the box advertising from the tourism industry:

and finally, sunsets aren't just for SoCal...


Ironman2b said...

That picture of the Gate Bridge is downright awesome. The trees at the bottom give a reference to how big that bridge really is.

Cool blog - keep it up - July 2008 is sooner than you think!

jp said...

great pics and cool site!