Saturday, June 09, 2007

Friday Happy Hour

When Friday COB comes around - some people hit the local watering hole for some happy hour refreshments, laughs, and to let loose with some friends.

I on the other hand, take the non-alcoholic route.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been joining many friends and triathlon related groups of San Diego for Friday night "Happy Hour" at our local "watering hole" that is La Jolla Cove for a nice 2 mile "refreshing" swim. This has quickly become my favorite workout of the week since it really is a happy hour for all of those that come out to play.

You may remember some words from a previous post about the triathlon lifestyle. Since moving into a new job at work, there is this one guy is curious how often I go out (to party), how many beers I drink, and how I let loose after a long week. He doesn't comprehend the concept of spending hours a week working out. I told him that working out with people is my social life, and endorphins and long bike rides are a much better means of "letting loose" because let me tell you - I have had some interesting conversations with people at times about anything and everything, and alcohol isn't needed!

Yours in hydration,

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