Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back On Track

I did my first track workout tonight for the first time in a month. Why a month you ask? I didn't do it the week before the PV Half, and also didn't do it for the past two weeks due to a foot injury and doctor's orders.

The very good news is that my foot felt fine.

The other news is that Mike Plumb welcomed me back with a nice surprise of a workout: 21 minutes of continuous running. 30 seconds of easy pace (read: jog), and 30 seconds of all out sprinting! Damn! Mike explained that some renowned physiologist in France did an extensive study, and came to the conclusion that all out intervals lasting 30 seconds were the most effective intervals for increasing one's VO2 max. Of course, doing this workout once won't increase the VO2 max, but if done often, it will work. Theoretically, increasing one's VO2 max would yield faster results in athletic activity due to your ability to process more oxygen, thus bringing more O2 to the muscles, blah blah blah.

The bottom line is that it was great to be back doing a track workout. Yes, it was a tough one. One peculiar thing is that my HRM at one point read 201, which is about 6 bpm higher than my previously recorded max value. I don't know what the margin of error is on HRM's, if taking time off from running had anything to do to it - but let me tell you this - during those all out sprint intervals, it definitely felt like my heart rate hit 201!

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