Sunday, June 03, 2007

70 miles - Woof

Holy Moly - did a 70 mile ride today spanning 4 hour and 40 minutes.

I met with Ginger, Elisa, Damian and Kim this morning at La Jolla Shores. The plan was to meet up with Greg and Pat after they finished their 6 mile train run this morning, and then we would all head out to the starting point of the infamous Iron Mountain Brick starting point, head back to La Jolla, and get in an ocean swim.

As time went on, the pack separated a bit, and Greg, Damian and I started off on our own. We reached the summit of the famed Scripps Poway Parkway hill, (about miles 28 into the ride) and at the top, we made the decision to ride down to lakeside to hit the Circle K and grab some more fluids. As we made our way to the CK, I noted that there was considerable head wind as we were moving south. I mentioned to Greg and Damian that I bet we would have a headwind also once we made our way back north. Sure enough, we were greeted with a headwind on our return north. Go figure.

As we hit the 3 and a half hour point in the ride, I started getting "pissy". My back and neck were a little sore from being in the aero position, and we started into what was a noticeable headwind. I also knew were at least an hour away from our cars, and got pissier.

In my few years of cycling, if there is one thing I hate more than anything, is riding into the wind. I just can't stand it. I might go as far as to say I hate it. Maybe it's the fact that you never know if it's gonna stop, it's invisible, but hits your like a freight train, or how it howls against your ears - whatever it is, ugh - No Thanks. Since we were heading back west, I knew there was gonna be no hope in sight for the wind ending.

Eventually, Greg and I go to his car, and Damian was waiting for us at that point. When we got to Greg's car, we were at about mile 60/4 hours into it. I didn't even stop - I slowed down, said to Damian "I'm f'n miserable, let's get the f out of here". Damian laughed at me, and I just started hammering. I was annoyed. I had been on a bike for over 4 hours, my back and neck were considerably more uncomfortable, and I just started hammering, and I didn't care that I still had to go UP Torrey Pines to get back to the car.

We eventually made it, grabbed some food (A LOT OF FOOD FOR ME), hung out on the beach, and actually went for a little swim. All in all, it was a good, yet long, DAY. Even though I was moving for 4 hours and 40 minutes, it took us nearly 6 hours to do the ride due to lights, picking up people, Pat's mechanical difficulties, and stopping for liquids.

BUT, one good thing that came out of the ride was the fact that I had enough in me to hammer the last 10 miles after riding for 60. On the flats, I pushing 22-24 mph, and although I was working, it wasn't all out effort. I also climbed Torrey as if I was doing a hill repeats workouts. As crappy as a mood as I was in (do I sound bitchy), the workout was a mental confidence builder to do 70 miles, and to finish as strong as I did. I also seem to be developing a "taint of steel", and my under carriage was not as uncomfortable as you'd think after 4 2/3 hours.

Now, it's time to sleep :)

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Jeff H said...

Nice ride big dog.