Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Three-a-Day and an ICE BATH

Today was a hard workout day for me.

7:30am - morning gym/weights session
12:00pm - one hour of ashtonga yoga
6:00pm - track workout

Since the track workout for the carlsbad workout is never posted, Coach Mike always greets us with surprises when we get to the track. Today's workout was:

4 x 800m @ 10k pace
1 Mile Time Trial

Needless to say, after the 2 aforementioned workouts included, you guessed it, working out my legs, and simply put, I was not physically, nor mentally, prepared for a 1 mile trial! It was quite evident by my 6:08 finish time, 24 seconds slower than what I ran in March. But, Mike was quick to point out that running while fatigued is only gonna make you faster & stronger, both physically and mentally. There was also an interesting article in Triathlete Magazine that said "the greatest stimulus for fitness adaptations occurs when you pedal in a fatigued state. This is when your neuromuscular system really has to get creative to find new patterns of muscle recruitment to susteain a desired speed." Granted the workout in the article was geared (no pun intended) towards biking, but I have a feeling the same can be applied to running.

Anyhow, after all this fun, I came home, had some dinner, and decided to take an ice bath to help my legs recover from a strenuous day.

Yes, an ice bath is a bath tub full of cold water and ice.

Yes, it gets your attention when you get in.

Quickly at that.

Granted it wasn't a 'true' ice bath as I only had 8 lbs of ice (20-30 lbs would have been better), but it's safe to say that my legs got a taste of what an ice bath might feel like. An hour later, they do feel a little bit better, but I'll let tomorrow be the real judge of that.

Yes, I may take my training a bit more serious than some. But, in case you are wondering, no ice baths are not what I would consider FUN (polar bear swims are not in the sam category thank you very much!) I mainly did it for the recovery benefits, which are explained pretty well in this article.

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