Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Solana Beach to Ramona and back

Since I was about 1 of few triathlete's from SoCal that didn't do WF or Mission Bay spring sprint this past weekend, I felt that I had to due some pretty grueling workouts in honor of those battling it out on the course.

Last Saturday, I did my longest ride to date: 65 miles from Solana Beach to Ramona and back. I originally was going to ride somewhere between 35 and 40, but then I got the idea: "Hey, it's cinco de mayo today (5/5/07), so I should ride at least 55 miles." I swear, the brain totally works different when working out, especially when you are only 20 miles into a ride. Be sure to check the training picture link over on the right.

The ride took me a little longer than expected at 4 1/2 hours, and that was mainly due to the "balls in my face" headwinds that I had to deal with the ENTIRE way back from ramona. It was a challenging ride because 1.) I have never ridden that far/long before, 2.) I hate wind, and 3.) I hate wind, and 4.) It was so windy that I had to pedal with a respectable amount of power going DOWNhill just to maintain speed, nevermind increase it. Unfortunately, I don't know what the elevation gain was, but I would estimate it to be about 4000-ish. Needless to say, I was happy to be home, eat, and hit the pool, jacuzzi, and then lay poolside and take a nap for the rest of the afternoon.

One new thing I did practice on this ride was the placement and consumption of solid food. Some people can rely on liquid calories on longer bike workouts. I simply can't. I think that I am going to have to take in some solid food during the bike at vineman, but unfortunately, having to dela with unwrapping solid food and consuming it is a bit burdening. I needed a way where can easily get to my solid food, and consume it without putting myself, or others, in danger, by unwrapping and eating. As you can probably tell in the picture, I broke apart a power bar and placed the pieces on the top tube of my bike. It seems as though powerbars have a glue like characteristic to them, and stay stuck to the bike even going over potholes and bumps. The advantage to this is consuming a piece anytime you want, rather than shoveling the entire thing down the gullet at once!

Saturday night, I went for some actual cinco de mayo celebration with some friends, and actually slept in on sunday, which felt fantastic.

Sunday afternoon was spent pool side and on the beach hanging with friends, and then I went for my long run, which also happened to be my longest run to date. I ran from my place in Solana Beach to the top Torrey pines, with a little Guy Fleming trail detour. I believe it was about 10.5 miles, which took me a little under 2 hours.

All in all, a good base building workout weekend - BBWW - the double b double dub!

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