Tuesday, May 08, 2007

San Diego International Triathlon

I finally signed up for the San Diego International Triathlon (1K, 30K, 10k), and I signed up for one main reason:

Revenge against the course.

Last year, I got my arse kicked.

My swim consisted of overheating in a wetsuit, and having my hamstrings cramp up on me multiple times. If you think about it, you don't use your hamstrings AT ALL when you swim.

I got on my bike, and thought "I had a crappy swim, it's a flat 10K, and the last 3 miles of the bike course is almost all downhill, so I am gonna hammer the bike", so I proceeded to ride my bike in a pretty agressive manner - meaning, hammer.

Well, about 1000ft into the run, it was evident that I hammered the bike as if I didn't have to run a 10K afterwards. I opted not to run with a hat or visor since it was overcast all morning, adn didn't think I needed my sunglasses, so I left those in transition. The way the course is laid out, you are running facing the east in about 80% of the run. It just so happens that at the point where I realized it was going to be a long, somewhat miserable run - the sun came out, and was absolutely beating down on my face!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I would tend agree with that statement.

Granted I finished in the top third of the race, but I am looking to get revenge against SD Int'l, and hopefully pull a sub 2 hour race, as compared to my 2:08 race last year.

Game on.


Anonymous said...

denden... i also signed up... maybe this year i wont miss my swim start. ha. Im just lookin to beat my 2:21:12 last year!

Troy Gorostiza said...

ya, you pretty much look like shit in these pics!!!!!