Sunday, May 13, 2007

Adaption, Recovery and the Journey

Newton's 3rd law of physics: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"

After last weekend's and Tuesday's workout sessions, I have been pretty exhausted. Starting Wednesday, I was tired quite a bit, and constantly hungry - to the point where it was pretty uncontrollable. My girlfriend and I even joked around that I was probably PMS'ing, since I was craving and eating lots of chocolate and greasy food - which are atypical items in my daily diet (although I do admit - I am "like a girl" when it comes to chocolate because I do eat it everyday. Troy G - I am sure you are barrelling over in your chair right now.)

But after giving it some thought, I believe that it is my body adjusting to the increased volume of working out. Maybe I am not consuming enough calories? Maybe I am not recovering enough through stretching, nutrition or backing off for a day? Maybe I am just having an off week? Maybe it's all of the above!

When people ask me what I am training for, and I say "for the Vineman Half Ironman", maybe I just need to stop and realize that hey, I am training for a half Ironman! 70.3 miles. Most people don't even like to drive that long in one day, nevermind having their body be their own engine for that distance. It's not like I can just turn up the training and not expect to feel any different.

I know that one of the reasons Dave Wilcox enjoys trianing for full Ironmans is because of the journey. It is the journey of finding out what your mind and body can do, what it can push through, and when it says "enough". Along the journey, you get out of your comfort zone. You can achieve what you didn't think possible. You probably look fear in the face, and keep moving forward (fast enough so it can't draft you :)

What I have experienced over the past week is all part of the journey - the Road to Vineman.

I know when I can push more. I know when I can push through fatigued muscles & mindsets that say "Man, I really don't wanna go workout" or "I can deal with the pain" or "Going home sounds so much better than working out". But I also know when to say "I need some recovery time and recharge - mentally and physically."

For now, pass the Ben & Jerry's "Everything but the...."

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