Friday, April 27, 2007

The seed has been planted...

I spoke to one of my friends yesterday, Dan Altobello, and he told me the good news that he is signed up for the 2008 Cal Half-Ironman race in Oceanside, CA. This is exceptional news since Dan has been out of "the game" for quite some time, and was partly responsible for getting me into cycling and triathlon. He also said that he is planning on signing up for Ironman Lake Placid. Completely shocked by this, I tried calling him out, but he seemed intent on signing up.

I spoke to Jeff Hartnett shortly thereafter, and he also said that he was planning on signing up for IMLP in 2008. During the conversation, he was making statements to the liking of "I don't want to add any pressure or anything". This, of course, comes 2 weeks later after he was throwing jabs to the tune of "Dude, if bello signs up, you can't bitch out!".

Rumor has it that Dave Wilcox is gonna sign up to?!

Oh man....

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Michael said...

Word on the Street is your Competition is already doing Course Recon for 2008:

If you and Bello want to have us sign you up in person the day after this year, we can do that. I will have some people with me on Monday AM, and they can sign up 2 each on site.
Shoot me an email if you are interested: