Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great Western Loop - Part Dos

On Saturday morning, Greg, myself, Pat, Jess, Jaybuddy, Marty and Brian met up to do the great western loop bike ride. We did it backwards compared to last week, so that meant of course that we were met with a long climb in the beginning: 7 mile, 900ft climb, brief downhill followed by a 10 mile, 1400 ft climb. Here is the course profile (but we started on the right side and worked our way left).

Needless to say, it started getting warm on the climb due to the minimal breeze, and being in warm east county. After peaking apx. 13 miles, we enjoyed numerous downhills...
and vista's ...

before stopping for water at the trading post, and saying hi to my friend from last week.

Unfortunately, as the mule and I were getting reaquainted, jaybuddy took a nasty fall, breaking 4 ribs against a guard rail. Unfortunately, he will be out for a month, and his Ironman race, which is in 2 months, is still in limbo. Let's hope for the best for Jay and a very speedy recovery!!!
Sunday, Pat, Jess, Greg and I ran 10 miles in Penasquitos Canyon, and it was a very good base building workout. It always helps to have someone to run with on those long runs!!!

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