Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Alcohol is detrimental to physical performance

Last year when I made the decision to join the lavaman team, I told myself that I wouldn't drink a sip of booze for 3 months. I held true, and made it 3 1/2 months, and then I succumbed to the pressure's of joining jaybuddy at the cat lounge :)

This year, I made a similar pact with myself, holding out until my birthday party where plenty of debauchery ensued. I had a few after that every now and then, but nothing to get excited about.

Last friday night at the lavaman finale party, let's just say I never had an empty pint glass. When we made our first steep climb (similar to torrey pines inside) on the great western loop ride the next morning, my lungs and body were feeling the effects of the previous night's carb loading/dehydration/bar food extravaganza. Sunday night, I cooked myself up a feast, and thought a glass of wine would go perfect with it. I opened a fresh bottle of vino, and it went well with dinner indeed. However, practically finishing the entire bottle solo (with a little help from Greg J) was not in the plans, but it happened. I slept like crap sunday night, was a zombie all day monday, and was completely out of monday night at TCSD swim practice.

I have been saying it for months: "Alcohol is detrimental to physical performance", and it's time for Ryan revert back to his old ways and curb the bottle until after Vineman. (Note the irony that vineman is named so due to the course going through numerous vineyards in the heart of california's wine country.)


Troy Gorostiza said...

hanging out with jaybuddy is bad news!

Anonymous said...

Whatever Troy!

"All things in moderation... Including moderation"

write that down.