Friday, March 16, 2007

The Real World Kona

My first instance of ever being on the real world, was "The Real World - Groton" (or G-Rotten if you'd like). That was back when I was living in Connecticut from 2003-2004. We had good times back then: having a house on the water, living with some friends from school (Charlie, Ben, Jeff and Jen), with plenty of alcohol & partying both at our place and any city that would accept a bunch of creatons like ourselves. And similar to the 'real' real world, there was plenty of "drama fo' ya momma", which happens with you have 1 female living with 4 other males, not to mention all the dudes had girlfriends - who of course wanted to get into the drama arena - even if they didn't live there. With advances in technology like "Energy Sapping Devices" (ie. the cell phone), they could no doubt be there, without being there! (That one's for you, Jeff!)

At any rate, it is time to relive the real world experience with a different group of friends (TNT lavaman teammates), in a different setting. I present to you:

A group of us will be renting a pretty sweet pad on the Kohala Coast (just north of Kona) for a week around race time. Here are some the suspects, and their Hawai'in names:

Me: WikiWiki

Kerry: inu kohana (meaning: drink naked)

Amanda: Ima Hana (or Benny Hana) (meaning: "To stir up trouble")

Kassie: Missing In Action (meaning never shows up to practice)

Jaybuddy: Lolo (meaning crazy) (look at that smile!)

Lisa: Lea (meaning mythological goddess of canoe builders) (or whatever that means)

Jen: Keilani (meaning Glorious Chief) (I think it should be Chef since the woman can cook!)

Paul: Alekanekelo (meaning protector)

Nelson: Resident Lawyer (meaning when we are too loud, having special ability to deal with the authorities)

Stay tuned for updates!

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Anonymous said...

Well Denner my friend... The Real World house is going to be the balls. I saw a copy of the rental agreement today... Everything should be fine. I will be drunk... my friends will make fun of me. I will say something stupid. People will laugh at me and not with me... Should be a great time.