Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Loggin some ser swim mileage

As of last night, I had logged about 3.5 miles of swimming in a little over 30 hours.

On Sunday, we did a 1.5 mile ocean swim in La Jolla. I got there a little early because it was absolutely gorgeous out on sunday - 75-80, Zero clouds, and Zero wind. Greg, Brian and I "warmed up" by doing about 20 minutes of body surfing in the glassy silk of the pacific with the occasional 2 foot waves. I swear, body surfing in 2 foot waves is like hitting the reset button back to 6 years old!!!

Anyhow, for the workout, it was the usual La Jolla shores to the 1/4 mile buoy off of La Jolla cove. The water was incredibly clear, and although it was 57 degrees, it was beautiful. My buddy Brian brought his Garmin GPS onto the swim with us, and logged his path.

It's a 1.5 mile swim normally, but as you can see, it's very easy to make it a little bit longer. That's one of the "tricks" to open water swimming with buoys - the course is a set length, but the KEY is to swim that length, and nothing more, so sighting is a big thing to practice. The details of the swim can be found here:


Then last night, I swam with the San Diego Tri Club. Courtney recently got an assistant coach, and this guy makes sure there is no slacking happening ever. When it was just Courtney, I was averaging about 2500 meters (including warm up), and with the new guy, that has been upped to 3000m or more. So, about 2 miles of intervals/drills, and man, do I go home and sleep well at night. We were about halfway done with the workout, and I say to Pat "Dude, we've already hammered out a mile already. Damn"

It's time to give my arms and back a rest for a few days!

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