Monday, March 26, 2007

Great Weekend & Taper

We had our final ocean swim of the lavaman training season on saturday. For the first time ever, and this is long overdue, I finally made the swim from La Jolla Shores to La Jolla Cove... and back! This is probably one of the more storied triathlon training workouts for any triathlon group. In fact, people from all over the country fly here just to swim in La Jolla. For some reason, I had just never done the complete swim before.

It was beautiful. The sun was over the horizon (we started at 9:15am). There was no wind, and the water was still and clear. I quickly got in a rhythym, and made it over to the cove in about 22:30 (about .85 miles - in a straight line!). Swimming to the cove was a bit different than swimming at La Jolla shores. At the shores, you have nothing but soft sand under your feet. As I was nearing the beach at the cove, I started noticing huge, gnarly rocks. Then there was a close up long sea grass cover. Then more gnarly rocks. And then the currently literally washes you ashore. As we were just standing there, Mark Adelman body surfed a wave onto the beach, and when the water receded, Mark was literally laying there on the sand, stomach/head down first like a beached seal.

We made our way back to the shores, and Christina Garcia and I had a pretty good pace going. I opted to not swim in the group, because I being the goofball mentor, knew that I would heckle people in the group for a continuous swim start simulation. When we first started, I couldn't help by just pummel jaybuddy and dunk him! I made it to the shores just a little bit slower than what we did for the cove - but my arms were definitely mush at the end due to the pace. Then we had the whole team move over to the LJ shores grassy area for a luau/bbq where we could go over the itinerary for Hawai`i, bike unpacking, course previews, etc. It was a great meeting, because is REALLY starting to get excited!

Nelson and I went for solid 7.5 mile run later that evening through Del Mar and Solana Beach.

and then Sunday.


I slept in.

Until 10am.

Got up, grabbed a coffee and bagel, and read the paper outside on the BEACH.

Went back to the apt, and hung out.

Then I surfed later (it kinda stunk unfortunately).

and then I went to Greg Kurras's with others and drank wine and beer all afternoon playing monopoly, and then went to Chevy's for continued debauchery! There was a bunch of people there, supporting (and drinking) to one of our teammate's fundraiser. It was a great time hanging with people in a non-training setting.

Just because its taper week, don't let yourself go (ahem: Christine!)

Getting a bunch of triathletes together with alcohol just means trouble. Look out!

and so the taper week begins!

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