Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fasting & Patrick's fast speed workout

I was so beat from the weekend, I took monday and tuesday completely off from training. I needed some down time to let the body repair - did a lot of sleeping, and a modified fast (minimal eating) on tuesday to kind of clean out the sytem. I didn't really plan on doing the fast, but my work (not workout) schedule dictated my eating schedule on tuesday, and it just kinda happened. BUT, I am really glad it happened that way - my body feels like it did some house keeping inside, and flushed out a lot of junk. I feel a bit more limber. I don't feel like my stomach is clogged up with copious amounts of carb's or anything. It's actually kinda cool. I know there are a lot fasting programs out there, and if at anytime you feel like your system needs a reset, I suggest trying one of them out at your discretion.

Anyhow, so at track on wednesday, we did "Patrick's speed workout". I don't know Patrick Baldwin, but have only heard of him. I know he has done quite a few TNT events, did a 2:05:00 at lavaman one year, and did 9:25 (118/1624 who finished) at Ironman Hawaii this past year. This guy is pretty damn fast.

and his speed workout hurt.

The workout was:

[(300m hard + 100m walk) x 3 + 800m @ 10k pace, 2 minutes rest] x 3

(So... 300m hard, 100m walk, 300m hard, 100m walk, 300m hard, 1oom walk, 800m @ 10k pace - and then do all that 3 times).

The 300's hurt. A lot. To the point where I was damning this guy.

but the cool part about it was, it made the 800m @ 10k pace seem sooooo slllllllooooooooowwwwwwwww. to the point where people had to tell me to slow down b/c I was so used to going fast. I am definitely a little sore today, but that's ok.

That doesn't mean I still don't want to have a word this this Patrick character....

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