Monday, March 05, 2007

50.4 Weekend

What a weekend....

Wake up at 5:30am for a killer ride in east county with Dave, Brian, Pat and Greg. It ended up being a hair short of 44 miles, but the conditions certainly made it quite a bit harder. The ride was in east county, where it's typically hilly. How hilly you ask? We climbed over 4000ft in elevation!!! Not only that, but there was some fierce winds in the form of Santa Ana's coming out of the east. I don't what speed they were at, but let me try to paint two separate scenario's:

* I was in the small (read: easy) chain ring, pedaling with considerable force, going DOWNhill, at a peppy 14mph. If there was no wind, I should have going 30+ mph.
* Going up the Scripps Poway Parkway hill, I was going FASTER UP the 7% grade, than when I got to the top where it is FLAT due to the winds hammering me so much.


Here is Brian Gunn's GPS Motionbased website that has all the details of our ride:

A bunch of went over to Greg Kurras's later that evening and absolutely stuffed ourselves with steak, vegatables, salad, and my (soon to be) world famous potatos! We then proceded to top off our tanks with Samoa's and Nestle cookie dough ice cream. I was so stuffed afterwards, and nearly half the people there were in food coma's 15 minutes afterwards!!! (ah.. the life of a triathlete)


Wake up at 5:30am for the March Madness 10K Trail Run. I did this run last year in preparation for lavaman, and had a respectable 52min run. Determined to do better this year, I wanted to beat that by at least a few minutes. The MM 10K is one of the tougher 10K's out there, boasting over 1000 ft in elevation gain througout the course! Due to the fact that I still stuffed from saturday's feast, I had half a powerbar for breakfast (note to self: that is not sufficient for a 10K - no matter how much you eat the night before). The MM 10K poses a little challenge to my master plan of starting at a moderate pace and build due to the nearly 2 miles of singletrack to start off the race. During this section, it's really tough to pass people because the trail can be narrow, and with plenty of rocks out there. The first 4.5 - 5 miles of the race went really well, and I was pleased with how things went. However, right around the 4.5 - 5 mile mark, I started feeling the bike ride from the previous day, and the lack of breakfast I had. Not to mention the winds at this hour were just as intense as they were yesterday. In fact, this was the first time that I have ever been SLOWED DOWN due to WIND. It was gnarly. The last mile was a bit of a struggle, and I finished with a final time of 49:20, taking a full 3 minutes off last year's performance. I was happy with the time, but knew I could do better if I had a better breakfast, and was not as fatigued from the previous day. But ultimately, this run was supposed to be a gut check for lavaman, and was happy with the results.

Go home, take a nap before swim.

Get to ocean swim at 2pm, where a group of poeple formed to do a 1.5 mile swim to from La Jolla shores to the quarter mile buoy off of La Jolla Cove.

The swim was absolutely beautiful. The water was incredibly clear about 80% of the time, the water temp very comfortable 57 degrees, and Pat and I held a great (not too fast, not too slow) pace for the entire duration. Those that chose a shorter swim option were greeted by a school (15-20) dolphins literally swimming under them, along with seals basking in the sun.

Isn't San Diego great? (Jeff: you need to make SD the #1 place to move to post graduation!)

We went to get some mexican food afterwards, then I went home, and passed out at 9pm (when was the last time you fell asleep at that hour), and didn't wake up until 7am the next day!!! 10 hours of sleep!!!

What an incredible weekend!!!

27 days until lavaman!

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